Candidate for the position of Vice President Communities

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Fraser Raeburn


My name is Fraser and I want to be your Vice President Communities to make students’ lives better for all of us. I’ve thrown myself into what Stirling Student’s Union has to offer since arriving on campus almost two years ago. I’d love it if you can take a look over the ideas that I think best represent what we need here at Stirling.


The clubs and societies system in Stirling is something we can all be proud of. With increased co-operation between clubs and societies, we can further improve the sense of community that these groups offer. With a brand new inter club event in the autumn semester, we can solidify dialogues between all our clubs and societies.

Building bigger and better links with sports clubs and working directly with the sports president will allow us to have a campus-wide sense of identity and promote collaborations across the student body.


Our campus reminds us every day of the need to protect our nature and there is always more we can do to lessen our impact on the environment. From community drives to clear our campus of litter to charity events to support a sustainable planet we can strive for a greener and cleaner campus for the future.

Inside the union, we can reduce our plastic usage to make sure our facilities are fit for the future. Having been only one of nineteen unions in the UK to be ranked very good by the NUS Green Impact campaign we have a firm footing to campaign for change within the university itself to promote the healthiest environment for today and tomorrow.


Campus is about to enter a stage of major redevelopment and the importance of maintaining our student community through a period of change is so important.

It is vitally important to increase engagement amongst the wider student body as the most effective student’s union is one that has a diverse and large participation from its students. Visibility of our union is key to tackling issues of disengagement with the Stirling community.

First year and postgraduate students are two key groups often underrepresented in the union system. Increased and consistent engagement with these groups’ students will allow for a fairer approach to issues facing us all.

Our union encompasses all our time here in Stirling. A united union can effectively change the problems that we face day today. From Increasing mental health support by greater visibility and awareness of the university services to achieving fair rents for students from low-income backgrounds,


Alongside these priorities, there is a wealth of ideas flowing throughout our community to improve our time here. Building on the past and looking to the future I hope to facilitate change for us and on behalf of us to make our lives as students better.