Candidate for the position of Media Officer

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Harry Mitchell

Making Media More

Who am I?

I’m Harry. I’ve been involved with the media societies since starting university, and they are a huge part of my life. I am the current Air3 Radio president, and running this media society while being involved with AirTV and Brig Newspaper has created a wonderful attachment to this giant talented family while giving me first-hand experiences on what can be improved.

As Media Officer I want to not only strengthen links between the media societies and the student union but grow these societies as much as possible while opening up opportunities for funding, advertisement and work experience. Through connecting with the student union, the sports societies, integrated students, the student body and further communities, I want to completely expand the possibilities of media societies within the university.

What am I gonna do?

All this sounds well and good, but let’s break down how I’m going to get it done. Step-by-step I’m going to be:

  • Continuing and strengthening relations between the media societies and the student union so that media committees can tackle issues with open collaboration and transparency.
  • Working with the university to get media societies more involved with coverage opportunities such as Freshers and Open Day events for work experience and society advertisement.
  • Creating broader and stronger links with the sports societies following the success of Bleed Green TV to create more opportunities and collaboration between the media societies and the Stirling Sports Union.
  • Opening further dialogue to Digital Media integrated students regarding joining media societies and getting involved with the student body in order to grow media societies and increase integrated student involvement.
  • Making sure the media societies get fair budgeting opportunities while sourcing and advertising new forms of funding.
  • Consistently taking part in Brig Newspaper, Air3 Radio and AirTV activities to ensure everyone is happy within these societies, making myself available for any potential issues and new ideas.

Through growth, collaboration, new opportunities and integration, I plan to not only make media societies rise to their true potential, but push them to achieve even more. We are the student voice, and it’s time to get louder.

Vote Harry Mitchell for Media Officer!