Candidate for the position of Union President

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Nelson Maxwell Acquah

Your Interest; My Business

Growing up, I have learnt that we behave the way we do and take decisions concerning our lives and other people because of the experiences we have been through. Coming from a humble background and rising through different student leadership roles from my Junior High School through to my university education. I have been at the forefront of negotiating on behalf of students. I believe Stirling would not be different when you give me the mantle. I am Nelson Maxwell Acquah. My tenure of office is hinged on the theme, STRATEGIC RENEWAL; where your interest will be the underlying factor of very business I will conduct over the year.

Sadly, this academic year has witnessed a lot of mental health issues. As students I believe we are here to learn and to learn in the right frame of mind. The school should not be an avenue where we come to develop mental health related issues. Issues such, as depression is on the rise and it incumbent on student leadership to liaise with authorities to effectively address this situation. My tenure will see the union liaise with the administration to create a separate student counselling centre headed by a personality who easily understands issues from your perspective and where student will feel comfortable to discuss their issues with. 

My administration will see an effective negotiation between the Union and the Bus services. Delays and cancellations should be a thing of the past. Rising ticket prices shall be halted within my tenure and students, through negotiation with the service provider, will not have to buy “RETURN” tickets but a daily bus pass. This will help those who cannot afford the monthly pass and who have multiple engagements on campus at sparingly different times. 

One thing that attracted me to Stirling was the environment I saw and came to meet. Once again, negotiations are critical here and we as students must make sure that the future would not blame us for any lackadaisical attitude.

Rising accommodation cost has been the problem of us all. Throughout my years here and talking with you on daily basis, I appreciate this problem. Rising accommodation cost must not be compensated with an accommodation fund. How many people will even have access to the fund. Coming to the team with high negotiation skills, I will be in the position, and with my team, to negotiate prices down.

Student experience, ranging from academics, sports and general life must be improved. Lecturers must be in the position to EASILY give further help to struggling students. International students will under my tenure be given a separate orientation in addition to the general one to improve your overall student experience.

Our deepest fear must not be that the task to is too huge to accomplish; our deepest fear should be that our strengths and capabilities would make us accomplish anything we set off to do. I am Nelson Maxwell Acquah and I invite you to be part of this strategic renewal.