Candidate for the position of International Officer

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Marie Stadtler

Bringing everyone together!

My name is Marie Stadtler and as the name might tell you I am German. I am going to be in my last year of my International Management and Intercultural Studies degree, which is a fancy way of saying I study Spanish, Politics and Business. In the 22 years of living, I have lived in four countries: Germany, the US, Spain and Scotland.

My experiences of these countries as well as being able to speak four languages (German, English, Spanish and French), made me appreciate different cultures and how amazing learning from each other can be. From having taught German to refugees on my study abroad to being the secretary of the Politics Society, I was allowed to experience many aspects of the Scottish and International cultures. However, I found that being an International in a foreign country brings difficulties too.

Therefore, I want to become the International Officer to help International students navigate their journey in Stirling and promote the appreciation of our cultures. Bringing everyone together!

In the year as International Officer I want to focus on four main priorities:

Provide an easy point of contact for International students

I want to encourage International students to get in contact with the Union, therefore I want to build a Facebook page for the position of International Officer. International students should be able to gather important information in the easiest way possible. With that page, I can inform of international events and show the work done as International Officer. Most importantly, students can contact the International Officer easily.

Start a meet-and-greet opportunity for exchange and local students

Having experiences of being an exchange student twice in my university career, I know the struggles of breaking the circle of the Erasmus/International circles and get to know local students. Therefore, I want to provide the opportunity for exchange and local students to meet each other and create amazing friendships. I am planning to hold several events in the beginning of each semester to encourage different students to connect with each other. To fund these events, I will apply to the Vice Chancellor Fund.

Organise an event celebrating our International student body

To celebrate our amazing student body, I want to hold an event to shine a light to the diversity on our campus. I would love to organise a celebration of the different languages spoken on campus as languages connect us all.

Support the VP Communities and President to give International students a voice in the Students’ Union

In our whirlwind time, I want to make sure that International students and their concerns are being heard in the Students’ Union. Brexit is a big concern for many students, therefore I want to continue working with the Union and University, to provide Brexit Information Sessions in the future. An International voice will bring the different input into the Union that will help all students to have a great experience in Stirling.