Candidate for the position of Union President

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Charlene Grigaitis-Schickler

We Rise Together! #BeanForPres

My name is Charlene, most people call me Bean. I am a journalism student from America. I began my studies at Stirling two years ago as a study abroad student. I loved it so much I transferred to finish my degree here. In my time at Stirling I have sat on multiple committees, participated in sport, acted as a module rep and volunteered as a peer mentor. My involvement with varied groups on campus, and previously attending university and college outside of Stirling gives me a unique view of student engagement. I hope to encourage and support each student to be their best by creating an environment for them to thrive. In celebrating the success of the individual, we celebrate the success of the entire community!

We Rise Together!

Improving Student Support:

  • Counselling: I will push to hire another counselor, there is a demand for better mental health services which has not been adequately met. I want to provide better early intervention and more drop-in sessions/short term support for students.
  • The Student Hub: Students often face long waits to have their questions answered, especially during the beginning and end of the semester. I hope to work closely with the university to be able to better support/ signpost students to the resources they need.
  • Alumni Network: You will always be Stirling. The Student Union provides support for all students transitioning in and out of university. I hope to build a better, more interactive alumni network.
  • Accessibility: Bring back and improve the campus shuttle service. Emphasize the maintenance of accessible walkways and entry ways.

Student Life:

  • Representation: I believe creating more diverse reading lists and course content by authors of different backgrounds will improve learning. I will lead the Equalities Steering Group as best I can to better the lives of students.
  • Campus Safety: Mandating all students to take a brief online course about consent and safety. I want to make sure sensitive matters handled with discretion and those involved receive support. Promote the Safe Taxi Scheme.
  • Accommodations: Students need affordable, safe, well maintained housing. I will work closely with the university and the housing officer to have these needs met. I will push for Accommodation Liaison Students to receive more training to be better equipped to help/signpost students.
  • Environment: I hope to keep Stirling pristine by having more receptacles for trash and recycling placed around campus. I want to encourage the university to continue to cut down plastic and electricity usage.
  • Brexit: Support and guide students impacted by Brexit to the Union's fullest capacity. 

Transportation and Parking:

  • First Bus: Work to make sure student fairs stay low and buses are punctual and frequent at peak hours. Give feedback to improve the First Bus app to better meet the needs of students.
  • Parking: Work to reduce price of parking permits and fees, more on campus parking spaces, as well as better inform students of available parking spots.