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James Douglas for Engagement Officer


Engage with James!


Hello everyone, my name is James Douglas and I am running to become your next Engagement Officer. Having previously served both as module representative and International Officer within the union, I think I could bring a new perspective to the role.


As engagement officer, a big part of my job would be to coordinate and collaborate with the different module representatives from all courses. I believe this system is a fundamentally a good one, but I would say it still has room for improvement. For example, many students who are looking into becoming module representatives or have been approached to do so, do not exactly know what a module representative does or their rights and responsibilities. I will work to properly inform students of what it means to be a module representative.


If elected, I also want to work on surveys to gather information about how issues such as mental health, accommodation, transport and others affect the education of students. I would later work with students (primarily module representatives) and sabbatical officers (primarily VP of Education) to find solutions to these problems.


Specifically regarding housing, I am fully behind the recently established Tenants’ Union and I am looking to collaborate with them as much as my role will allow to lower the price of accommodation for all students. Part of this collaboration will entail the sharing of any pertinent information that may be collected on the previously mentioned surveys.


Overall, my main campaign points can be summed up as follows:

  • Work to inform current and prospective module representatives of the benefits and responsibilities of becoming a module representative.
  • Enhance communication between the Engagement Officer and the module representatives.
  • Run surveys to discover how issues such as mental health, accommodation, transport and general welfare affect students’ education.
  • Collaborate with the Tenants’ Union through the sharing of information acquired in surveys.
  • Make sure you are as engaged with your education as possible!


As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done and I am willing to do it. So please, on the next Union Election:


Vote for James Douglas for Engagement officer!

Engage with me.