Candidate for the position of Co-Curricular Officer

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Svea Horn

Svea Horn for Co-Curricular Officer- Making Volunteering Easy

I believe that I would do a great job as a Co-Curricular Officer because I have actively been involved with the Student Union, like the Freshers Team, being a Steer Captain and being a member of the Community Zone Executive Committee, as well as several societies since my first year in Stirling, most importantly the Volunteering Society.

Due to my involvement with the Volunteering Society, over the past four years I have gained a lot of experience with organising fundraisers, doing voluntary and charity work which allowed me to establish good connections to local charities. I have also volunteered with a local charity Forth Valley Welcome for nearly two years now, which has given me experience outside of uni as well.

As a Co-Curricular Officer, I would aim to re-establish the V-Team (Volunteering Team) to give as many students as possible across uni the opportunity to volunteer within the university and beyond. With the V-Team I would try to organise a bigger charity/fundraising event with the student body as a whole to show our potential to make a positive change in our community.

Furthermore, I would aim to help out any club, society or student group who would like to organise a fundraiser or charity event and would help particularly the clubs and societies who are already doing great work in this area.

If I were elected, I would aim to make volunteering and charity work as accessible and easy as possible. I would support anyone who needs help with applying for funds and contacting the right people when it comes to charity work and volunteering.

Due to my experiences over the past four years I have a good knowledge of what support is available from the Union and who can support charity work and volunteering within the Stirling Community, so I can assist anyone who is looking for a volunteering opportunity.

Together we can make volunteering easy, accessible and make a real positive impacts in our community, on campus and beyond.