Candidate for the position of Sustainability Officer

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Hannah Dry

For plastic free, vote Hannah D!


When we talk about Climate Change and environmental degradation it often leaves many people with an overwhelming sense of helplessness. We want to help but don’t know how or we feel like we’re not having an impact. But there is still hope! There are actions, small and large, we can collectively take to make a difference. Together we can create a sustainable university environment.

I believe that, when given the option of environmentally friendly products, people will utilise them every time. So I am here to provide you with that option!

If you vote for me together we can:


  • Achieve plastic free status by reducing single use plastics in all areas of the university and provide sustainable alternatives where needed.
  • Ban plastic forks, spoons and knives from all food outlets around campus and provide bamboo alternatives.
  • Introduce a plastic bag charge in ‘NISA’ to deter people from using bags unnecessarily.
  • Put pressure on the decision makers higher up to change to more sustainable and ethical products.
  • Ask each academic department to make a pledge to reduce their single-use plastic consumption, such as plastic wallets and envelopes with plastic windows.
  • Hold ‘plastic free days’ to raise awareness of the dangers of single use plastics and limit products that come in single use plastic.
  • Provide a greater range of plastic free items that can be bought on campus.


  • Make recycling easier and clearer on campus so that everything that should be recycled is, preventing contamination of recycling.
  • Introduce a deposit-return scheme for plastic bottles that are purchased on campus.
  • Provide food bins next to recycling bins to reduce food waste.
  • Implement compulsory recycling and food bins in campus accommodation.


  • Provide paper cups at water fountains to reduce the amount of bottled water bought.
  • Provide workshops and talks on easy ways to be green on a student budget.
  • When holding open days make visitors to our campus aware that we are a plastic free university so please some prepared with reusable coffee cups and reusable bags.

Together we can make a difference and stop the plastic tide.