Candidate for the position of Sustainability Officer

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Sophia Riederer

Make sustainability easy

Manifesto – Sophia Riederer

My name is Sophia Riederer, I am studying environmental geography and I’ve been actively involved with Environmental Enterprises Society and volunteering in the Green & Blue Space since coming to Stirling.

Most people are aware of problems like pollution and climate change - but we need to make it easier for everyone to choose the more sustainable option.

This is why I want to become sustainability officer and plan to do these projects:


  • Ecosia:

Ecosia is a search engine that uses the profit generated by ads to plant trees where they are needed most. It has over 7 million active users.

  • I am currently doing a project with the aim of spreading awareness for Ecosia and asking the university to set Ecosia as default search engine on our computers. Imagine how many trees we could plant together as a community! (Although Ecosia works just like other search engines, if you wanted you could still always easily switch to others)


  • Waste management:

Students can get food waste bins from accommodation services but very few people know about that/use this service.

  • Get food waste bins on campus and in student accommodations, raise awareness on how to separate waste

In the most student accommodations there are no recycling bins in the kitchens, making separating waste quite inconvenient.

  • Get separate bins in all student accommodations for different types of recycling, not just for general waste

There are few possibilities to buy unpackaged food on campus.

  • Encourage the Nisa on campus to use less unnecessary plastic packaging in their vegetable and fruit section


  • Environmental awareness:

I want to help raise awareness about environmental problems in a fun, interesting way.

  • Organise screenings of documentaries about different topics like plastic pollution and climate change, collab with the film society
  • Organise projects but also support the Environmental Enterprises Society and the Green & Blue Space with theirs (e.g. fairtrade festival, claimate change week, DIY workshops)