Candidate for the position of Vice President Education



You want something done? Georgia is the one!


About me:

I’m Georgia; a 3rd year BSc Psychology student. Since coming to Stirling, I have been involved with the Union in various ways. From society member; to working on society committees; from being a module rep; to becoming Psychology Faculty Officer. I’m passionate about improving student welfare and experience; I feel that VP Ed would help me achieve this.   


  1. Student support /Accessibility & Inclusion services
    1. ARUAA (Agreed Record of University Access Adjustments)
      1. Ensure all ARUAAs are followed: some staff continue to be reluctant to follow recommendations on ARUAA’s. I want to change this, so no student must fight for the help they need.
      2. Review the extension policy: recently the extension length was reduced from 2 weeks to 1 week. Resulting in a lot of unnecessary stress for students. I want to review the change; ensuring everyone gets an adequate extension length when required. As well as clarifying the use of these extensions on dissertations and drafts.
      3. Publicize ARUAA’s: I want to make sure that those who need accommodations can access them to aid their studies. However, there are many students unaware of things the university can do to help. 
    2. Personal Tutors
      1. There are huge inconsistencies in the quality of personal tutors. Some students find the scheme hugely beneficial, whereas others feel it is not at all beneficial; which is unfair.
      2. Review entire scheme: I will encourage engagement from staff and students by highlighting the positive role of personal tutors.
      3. I would train tutors (e.g.  Mental Health First Aid Training) so staff feel equipped to help tutees.
      4. Combine academic and pastoral support using personal tutors through education about physical/mental illnesses and the impact they have on university life.
  2. Space & Resources
    1. Parking: work with the university to increase the number of parking spaces. And look to reduce the cost of parking permits.
    2. Study space: continue finding solutions to the lack of study space; increase variety of types of study spaces to accommodate all learning styles.
    3. Increase disability access to study spaces and lectures/classes, particularly in Pathfoot.
    4. Implement subtitles on lectures on Listen Again to make them accessible to all.
    5. Library: increase number of core textbooks in the library and increase the number of journals accessible through university login.
  3. Joint Honours
    1. Improve organization of courses/modules.
    2. Look to provide more choice of modules.
    3. Review system of dissertations and improve available information regarding dissertations.
  4. Assessments & Marking
    1. Marking: look to standardize marking through reviewing the university marking scheme; offering frameworks/training for marking to remove potential disadvantages.
    2. Encourage use of online assessments and exams to increase accessibility.
    3. Review clustering of deadlines/exams and investigate possible solutions.
  5. Peer Mentoring
    1. Based on the success of peer mentoring in Psychology I would like to build a framework and guidance for peer mentoring to be implemented across all faculties, particularly for key skills such as critical thinking.