Candidate for the position of Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer



Show your Stirling crest. Perform your very best. We our one, against the rest!

I’m Jess, for those who don’t know, I am your current Sports Participation and Engagement Officer. The Sports Union have been working hard this year to organise each club for the redevelopment at the sports centre. We are ensuring our clubs are facilitated as much as possible throughout the changes. Now, with change there is always potential for challenge. It is my responsibility to limit that challenge, especially with students taking part and becoming engaged with our #bleedgreen sporting environment. After Big Weds we want to continue the atmosphere all of you helped create throughout the week! Think Stirling Team Spirit! Think Stirling’s Sport Supporters Squad! Think Sparta! Okay the last one is a tad off topic, but you get what I mean. We are one, against the rest. We are #bleedgreen, giving our all and performing our very best showing our Stirling crest.


My Focus Points:

-  Inclusion for Everyone

-  Supporting and Encouraging a Positive Attitude toward Sport and Physical Activity

-  Student Sporting Experience


I will be re-running for the Sport Participation and Engagement Officer role, because (dramatic pause) I love supporting you all and it has been a pleasure to be involved in the organisation of sport and physical activity opportunities on campus. Whist I will continue to fulfil my role in the following months, I hope we can all engage in this election to support sports, our Students Union and ultimately feel a part of something more than just a university. Let’s go S T I R L I N G! :)