Candidate for the position of Sustainability Officer



Each of us can make a difference. Every day. Today. Now.

Manifesto – Gina Bartusch – Environment and Ethics Officer


Sustainability and environmental protection are topics that are important to be tackled in the face of climate change. Each individual, each company, each household, each institution and each university can contribute. University of Stirling is already doing a great job regarding environmental and ethical work, but of course this work needs to be maintained and improved. The topics that I want to tackle are:


1. The individual impact on our environment

I want to encourage environmental dialogue, awareness and education on how we can include more sustainable choices in our daily life focusing on:

  • Agriculture and food systems (and how our diet type impacts global warming and climate change)
  • Transport
  • Electricity usage
  • Waste production

The education on these topics would take place in form of talks, events, seminars at university as well as the Green and Blue Space.


2. Food waste

Food waste is an important issue, not only regarding climate change, but also food security in a growing population. The project planned for the topic of food waste is the introduction of an application called “Too Good To Go” in Stirling which aims to connect food businesses to customers buy selling their leftover meals for a reduced price at the end of the day.


3. Recycling

Even though a lot has already been done at university, there is a lot of space for improvement. Many initiatives and projects are already being pushed forward especially regarding:

  • The equipment for recycling in student halls (bins, food caddies, signs, etc.)
  • The labelling and positioning of waste bins at university
  • The education on how to recycle and why it is so important


These are aspects I further want to focus on by making sure existing commitment and projects are continued and completed.