Candidate for the position of Vice President Education



You Can't Go Wrong With Wright!

I’m Daniel, a fourth year about to graduate after an amazing time at Stirling. However, in spite of how much I’ve enjoyed studying here, I know it can be better. I’ve seen this as a student, society member, and a Faculty Officer.

This University has given me the best time I could have hoped for, so now I want to give back. How? Here’s how:

  • Study Space: It’s an ongoing issue for a reason. I’ve seen so many rooms empty while the library is full. It should be obvious to all when rooms are empty and can be used. No room should ever be empty while a student needs a place to study.
  • Mental Health: Increasing awareness and support should be a priority for all. I’ve spoken to staff and students here and at other Universities and support like Resilience Training, Faculty Welfare Officers, mental health training for Faculty Officers…all of these will help.
  • Understanding and Transparency: I want everyone to know an LTC from an SSCC, and a Division from a Faculty. I want to open the role of VP Education with blogs and office hours so that students know what their representative is doing. If I’m available to all, and everything is understood, then hopefully everyone will know what should be improved.
  • Collaboration: As well a way of having fun, societies are an amazing way of furthering careers and academic interests. Lecturers giving talks, guest speakers; Communities and Education working together. The foundations are there, they just need to be built upon.
  • Campus Central: Campus Central needs to be within the interests of students. I want to make sure this happens with increased consultations, open talks and more details. It is going to be used by all so it has to be shaped by all.
  • Inclusivity: Talking about research, taking part in events; I want to make Forth Valley Students, mature students, Postgraduate students and Undergraduate students all feel like a single community.
  • Student Voice: A lot of the time, student’s problem is not with lecturers…it’s with management above them. At SSCCs and elsewhere, there should be more opportunities for students to be heard by the management that they never see.
  • Placements and Employability: Easy organised and fair placements should be available to all possible, whether that’s making teaching and nursing placements work best, or introducing new placements elsewhere.
  • Student Roles: As a module rep, there should be more communication with coordinators, and as a Divisional Officer (a name suiting the role far better) there should be more training and contact with students, as well as with one another.

I want to help students because I want everyone to have not just the same experience I have had, but better. As Faculty Officer, I worked to get things done, and I want to continue that work. Not just because I enjoy it, but because I know it can help.

Vote for me for VP Education because You Can’t Go Wrong With Wright!