Candidate for the position of Union President

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Astrid Smallenbroek

From more study space to a better bus service, re-elect Astrid for Union President

As Union President I have worked to better the student experience. Here are some of the things I’ve worked on:

  • I’ve dealt with the chronic lack of study space by setting up a system for students to book classrooms.
  • With your direct feedback, fought First Bus and got them to reintroduce the controversially revoked Four Week pass.
  • Worked to identify the support international students want and need throughout the Brexit process.
  • Partnering on a proposal which asks for additional funding for Student Support Services ,including funding another counsellor.

However, I would still like to improve several areas, including:

Mental wellbeing

  • Provide early intervention to ensure that mental health problems are reduced. These preventative measures include education about mental wellbeing; increased access to peer support; and increasing the sense of community.
  • Tackle poor mental wellbeing through a combined approach from the University and Students’ Union. I will unite the Union and the University in a formal agreement to address mental wellbeing on campus, ensuring a clear, and strategic approach to tackle the problem.
  • Continue to support international students throughout the Brexit process.

Campus environment

  • Students struggle to find a space to just relax, socialise or eat their lunch. To address this, I will introduce more seating in under-utilised spaces such as Starbucks, Venue and the Atrium.
  • More water fountains on campus. I will make sure that this is addressed within the atrium redevelopment project due to start in 2018.  Ensuring all students have access to free drinking water 24/7.
  • The biggest barrier to recycling is the lack of adequate and clear recycling facilities on campus. I will work to ensure that all recycling bins have clear signage and that there is a recycling bin beside every general waste bin.
  • Increase monetary support for students living in University accommodation.
  • Maintenance of accommodation is inadequate. I will work with accommodation services to ensure all problems are dealt with in a timely manner.

First Bus

  • Students cannot rely on FirstBus to arrive on time. I will work together with the National Union of Students to ensure national pressure as well as a local approach to fix this.
  • Discounted prices for students who use busses to and from the Hillfoots area.
  • I will work to ensure that all discounted tickets are available to all students, not just those who can use the FirstBus app (through tickets being available on a student card or paper tickets).


  • There’s a lack of coordination when it comes to Joint Honours, with students often experiencing class or deadline clashes. I will work with the VP Education to minimise this.
  • More study space. Again, by introducing more seating in spaces such as Starbucks, Venue and the Atrium.
  • Make reading lists and course content more diverse by introducing more authors and theorists from varied backgrounds.