Candidate for the position of Media Officer

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A Union, Together with You.

The Students Union is a vital part of supporting students and of University life. It is currently doing excellent work regarding student housing and with the Gannochy Sports centre re-development project to name but a few ongoing processes. It is this work that is constantly in the background that gives you as students such a rich and vibrant experience at the University, allowing you to express yourself through the wide variety of societies and clubs they support and help maintain.

However, this is widely unknown to the majority of students as there is a disconnect between the Union and the student body. As of the last bi-election, voter turnout was sitting at 5.2% as recorded on the Union’s website, equating to 579 out of just over 11,000 students. Indeed three out of the six positions being voted on only had one candidate in the running leaving you with little or no choice on who to cast your vote, meaning there where several votes to re-open nominations. This is down, in my opinion, to a lack of interest or knowledge in the Union despite all they do. The Union isn’t to blame for this and neither are you.

Therefore it is my goal, if elected to the post of Media Officer, to help bring the Union, together with you, closer to the forefront of University life and closer to you the student. I intend to do the following;


  • To work closer with the Brig Newspaper in order to improve communication.


  • Increase engagement with Air3 Radio and Air TV to bring about a greater voter turnout for the Union. Together, that gives it a truly democratic and representative mandate as voted for by you the student electorate.


  • Together with you, create a Union that reaches out to students for opinions and concerns as well as a Union that you the student can reach out to and connect with and support. One that remains visible and accountable but also connects with you the student.


  • As your Media Officer, I intend to support Brig Newspaper, Air3 Radio and Air TV by helping them expand and reach greater audience as well as providing their members with opportunities to train, gain experience and better their chance of a career in the field of media.


Already Brig Newspaper has won the several awards from the Student Publication Association’s. Air3 and AirTV too have gained a number of awards in their respective fields. By supporting these societies I aim to bring both Union and Student closer together by reaching out, informing and connecting with you so that you the student can connect with your Union. Keeping you informed on the Unions legislation, campaigns and more at all times allows you to keep the Union informed about what you want, need and how you feel about it. Giving you the chance to have a say and be an active part of a Union that truly does work together with you.