Candidate for the position of Health & Wellbeing Officer

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Siobhan Lynda Lamb

Lamb's got your back!

My name is Siobhan Lamb and I am a 2nd year Adult Nursing student here at Stirling University. I am committed to health promotion as part of my degree, future career in nursing, and personal ethos for life. I hope to extend this passion for positive health outcomes as your Health Promotions officer in the union. I have a wide experience of work in health care as part of my Nursing placements and in my personal life. I have also already worked in several positions of responsibility as part of the Student’s Union including Module Representative for my first year cohort 2016-2017, and I have had a successful run as Treasurer of the Musical Theatre Society 2017-2018.


Why should you vote for me?

As Health Promotions officer, I plan to:

  • Develop further the work set up by our #IsThisOk? Campaign in the prevention of sexual violence, working both with the union and various clubs and societies to promote sex positivity and safe practices
  • Work closely with the Sports Union for the promotion of regular physical activity with our student body and provide health education on the short and long-term benefits of good diet and exercise
  • Encourage the protection of mental wellbeing with ‘quiet sessions’ every month
  • Posters of proper hand washing technique in every bathroom on campus to prevent the spread of infection – let’s nip the Fresher’s Flu in the bud!
  • Provide wider advertisement for blood drives both in the university and the general Stirling area, as well as more readily available information on eligibility
  • Be a more accessible member of the student’s union to address any concerns or general queries regarding health and wellbeing

I hope to have your vote come Monday 12th March when voting opens at 9am via the Union website!