Candidate for the position of Sports President




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I'm Caitlin Ormiston and I am running for the position of Sports President 2018/19. I have been president of the Cricket club for the past 3 years and have helped the club overcome many challenges. I have also gained a further insight into the running of the sports union over the past year being on the Sport Union Executive Committee. I believe I have the experience and knowledge required to lead the Sports Union and continue to keep student sport at the heart of the University.


Heighten collaboration between clubs

Have a system where clubs can opt in and be paired with another club. This will enable clubs to work together on areas such as fundraising and sponsorship which can often be challenging for clubs to do on their own. It will also help with further exposure for every club, through joint socials and working closely together. Clubs working together whilst also integrating with the union will create a great platform for clubs to flourish.


Increase links with the local community

By creating networks with community hubs and clubs it will be mutually beneficial, as a university we can help give back to our local community whilst also creating contacts. It will also increase training and playing opportunities for students both within and outwith university. By working closely with Active Stirling, it will enable more volunteering opportunities and further aid the number of qualified coaches and officials.


Knowledge sharing for sustainable clubs

Realising every club is different but increasing opportunities for clubs to work together. Create a forum for clubs to share knowledge and tools to ensure all clubs can keep moving forward. This could include more training workshops and more organised officiating courses to also work towards achieving the aim of getting more students able to contribute back to their clubs.


Listen to the voice of every club

Every club deserves to be heard, the sports union should be led by the student voice. Both competitive and non-competitive sport has a place at Stirling and so all Sports Union clubs deserve to have there say. Each club should have the opportunity to work closely with the sports union, setting both short and long-term goals. Progress can then be monitored through monthly meetings to establish a personal relationship with each and every club.


Environment Friendly

Increase the number of secure bike and equipment stores to enable more students to cylcle to university, as well as working to get more water fountains across campus.


Overall, I aim to work with each club individually whilst simultaneously increasing the interclub relations with the intention of giving every club the best opportunity to succeed.