Candidate for the position of Sports President

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Ellie West

West Is Best

I’m Ellie West and I am running for Sports Union President 2018/2019. I have been part of the netball club at the University for the past 3 years and in that time, I have been a team captain and I am currently the club President. These roles have given me an insight into how the Sports Union is run and actions taken that influence the development of the sports clubs.

I have been able to develop partnerships with various other clubs, as well as take part in wider student union activity such as mental health first aid qualifications.

Hence, I strongly believe that from these roles I am prepared to help shape the Sports Union and aid its progression.

Communication throughout re-development

  • Assurance that all clubs will be kept in the loop throughout the whole process, for example by notifying clubs of any changes or disruptions to training times or facility availability.
  • Maintaining a strong line of communication between the sports facilities staff, the Sports Union and the clubs to ensure there is as little disruption as possible
  • Outsourcing other facilities through our community based links to ensure that clubs can still train and follow through with matches to make the development process have as little impact upon clubs as possible.
  • Continue to assess clubs training times to suit accordingly and to link in with the facilities re-development.

#BleedGreen Together

  • Encouraging clubs to reach out and support other clubs to create a united front as a University, trying to encourage more support on match days to create that home day advantage and involvement at club events and fundraisers. Reminding everyone we all #BleedGreen so let’s do it together as a University!
  • The new kit sponsor will be confirmed during the 2018/2019 session so every club being under the same brand will help with inclusion.

Every member matters

  • Creating recreational pathways to ensure every individual feels they have a way into joining a sport regardless of whether they want to play competitively or just socially.
  • Gaining links with other Universities by organising friendly competitions so that the recreational players feel they have something to work towards and participate in


I will aim to ensure that every Sports Union member feels that their opinions matter and that their voices are heard throughout the development process. I want every club to feel that they receive equal recognition, publicity and opportunities to maximise their members and to improve the student experience.