Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate



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Who Am I? 

I’m Henrietta Mochrie, a 4th year sociology student. I’ve been involved in the student’s union since I was in second year in various ways such as being on committees for clubs and societies and being your disabled students officer in the equalities steering group. I have spent most of my time at Stirling representing students from various backgrounds and believe running for NUS delegate would allow me to represent the views of students at Stirling at a national level.  I also have previous experience in NUS having been a delegate for NUS Scotland LGBT+ and Disabled student’s conferences.

One member one vote

If elected I will help push for one member one vote in NUS. This is because I believe the current system of how NUS officers are elected is undemocratic with only a small minority of the student body being able to vote on who the NUS officers are and what NUS policies are passed. Our student’s union has also voted in the past to support one member one vote. I believe one member one vote would make NUS more democratic and be more representative of the entire student body rather than the select few who are able to go to conferences.

No Platform

In recent years the NUS’ no platform policy which bans certain speakers from speaking at NUS affiliated institutions has been a fiercely debated issue. If elected I will support, no platform as I believe it is an important policy that stops students feeling unsafe on campus as the result of speakers with discriminatory views being given a platform. Giving people such as racists and fascists a platform puts students from marginalised groups in danger, so I believe no platform is an important policy that helps make students feel safe.

Representing Stirling Students

If elected I will make sure the voices of Stirling students will be heard. I will achieve this by getting the opinions and views of Stirling students on various NUS related issues and present them at Conference. I will also make sure I keep Stirling students up to date what is happening at NUS. I hope to hear from a wide range of students and make sure Stirling can get the best out of NUS.

Why you should vote for me

I am passionate and dedicated to the rights of Stirling students and making sure Stirling students are represented. I am currently doing this in my role as disabled students officer on the equalities steering group making sure disabled students have a voice on campus and how things can be improved for disabled students. I also have prior NUS experience having been to Disabled and LGBT+ NUS Scotland liberation conferences.  Mostly I want to continue representing Stirling students at a national level, especially those who belong to marginalised groups who are usually less represented in student politics.