Candidate for the position of Vice President Communities



Back Bradshaw #1 for VP Communities


About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Rachel and I’m a 4th year Environmental Geography student running to be your next Vice President Communities. I love this Students Union and I want to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities to get involved.

Equality & Inclusion

  • Continue my work to represent Care-experienced students at the University and work with the next VP-Education to secure the best deal for students.
  • Pressure the University to provide facilities for everyone, starting with Gender neutral toilets that are accessible to use at all times.
  • Make Mental health first aid training an essential part of being a Club President.

Supporting our Clubs and Societies

  • Creating a simple and easy to use “Running your Club Guide” that will be made available to all committee members and include relevant fundraising and grants available to all Clubs.
  • “President Forum”: A meeting for clubs to present ideas they are working on and a chance for other societies to show their support and get involved.
  • Supporting Liberation societies who have free memberships to reach quorum for AGMs by discussing and finding out what the best solution is for them.
  • Running multiple Clubs Academy sessions- committees change all the time and we need to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have training all year round.

Community, Volunteering & Employability

  • The best way to improve the relationship between students and the wider Stirling community is to get involved. By Re-launching the V-team the union will have a dedicated group of volunteers that can go out into the community and help with local charities and organisations.
  • Recognise our student volunteers by Introducing the Union Volunteering award. Actively participating in volunteering in the union can build up your volunteering hours and achieve you a bronze, silver or gold status award.
  • Volunteering Fayres- where local charities can come and advertise volunteering opportunities.

Environment and Housing

  • Campaign for recycling bins in every flat on campus.
  • Campaign for increased use of reusable coffee cups on campus
  • Look at increasing student engagement and use of ‘The Hive’ food cooperative on campus- helping students save money and have food that has low environmental impact.
  • Push for better support for our ALS- they are volunteering their time to make your halls experience the best it can be, so we should be looking out for them.

Accountability & Communication

  • Meet with Club Presidents once a semester- this way you can let me know what your society is up to and how I can help best support you to be the best society you can be.
  • Dedicate time for Drop in sessions- Where anyone can drop in and I will be ready to help.
  • Monthly reports on what the Community Zone and myself are up to- it is important for you to know what I am doing to make your university experience the best it can be.