Candidate for the position of Sports President

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My name is Alex Duke and I am a 4th year student running for the position of Sports Union President for 2017/18. I am the current President and former 4th Team Captain of the Golf Club, having been a member since first year.

I am running for the following reasons:

  • I am passionate about increasing participation across all clubs. During my time with golf, the club has added two extra teams, with the 5th Team added this year under my Presidency. Membership of the club has increased substantially during this period, with golf now truly a participation, as well as performance sport. One of my aims is to work towards 20% of students being a member of the Sports Union, so as many people can receive the health and social benefits that come with this.
  • Continuing Jess’ work that has been done at promoting the #BleedGreen brand and enhancing our presence on social media. In addition to this, introduce a focus on collegiality, that brings not just different clubs within the Sports Union together, but also the wider university, in order to support and celebrate success together
  • Make sure no clubs are disadvantaged with the new kit deal. The Kukri kit deal does not benefit all clubs equally, whilst Kukri’s service has been poor and they are widely disliked. My aim is to engage all clubs to understand individual needs and find a solution that benefits everyone. Additionally, work towards all clubs (apart from in unavoidable circumstances), purchasing their kit from the same supplier, increasing Stirling’s appeal as a brand to receive better offers. Finally, I want to work with the university to relieve the financial burden on clubs committed to meeting the new specifications, with a focus on clubs who have purchased kit in the past 3 years.
  • Ensure plans for the new facilities focus on the current and future needs of Sports Union clubs. I will gain the approval of all clubs before agreeing to plans regarding the new facilities. The facilities on campus have been rightly recognised as outdated and lagging behind our Scottish and British competitors, many of whom have seen their facilities updated in recent years. At the moment, clubs are turning away a significant amount of potential members as there is simply not the space to accommodate them. This, combined with my plan to increase Sports Union membership, means it is paramount we make the most of the facilities we have, whilst demanding the new facilities are equipped to match a future increase in demand. As Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence, it is crucial our facilities match not just other universities facilities, but also the needs of the clubs that represent Stirling and give the university that title.

I believe I am the most qualified person running for the job. I have a track record of being proactive and achieving success whilst holding significant amounts of responsibility as a Captain and President of a club that excels on a performance and participation basis.