Candidate for the position of Sports President

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I’m Rebecca Blair and I am running to be your Sports Union President for 2017/2018 for which also marks Stirling Uni’s 50-year Anniversary! I have been a part of the women’s football team during my 4 years at Stirling and this year I am the captain of our 1st team squad. I have also played a crucial role in the creation and development of the women’s futsal team over the last year and a half. I am also currently on the Sports Union Executive Committee and work closely with the current Sports President Jess and the rest of the staff in the Sports Union. If elected, I would build on what Jess has managed to accomplish in her 2 years and here’s what I aim to achieve:

Sport at Stirling –

  • Although we are known as Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence, facilities within our University remains a key issue and have done for many years. With the re-development plans of the Sports Centre surfacing, I aim to ensure your views are continuously represented to make sure students’ voices are heard and the investment is put towards what Stirling sport and Stirling’s teams require
  • Re-assess the ALLOCATION OF TRAINING TIMES and work closely with Gannochy staff to ensure a more effective system is in place
  • Maintain equality within Stirling’s Sports Union regarding gender, race, ability, sexuality and religion and ensuring sport is accessible for all

Transport –

  • With many sports teams using a large proportion of their budget on transport, I aim to find more cost effective ways to ensure teams are travelling on a low-cost basis
  • Look in to alternatives and other partnerships and sponsorships to ensure more sports teams have access to transport such as MPV’s on a match day basis

Opportunities –

  • Work alongside National Governing Bodies to have access to officials/referees for matches and use this partnership to allow members of sports teams to gain official/referee qualifications
  • Create an Opportunity for All campaign which will increase participation within ALL sports at the University. This would enhance the student experience by increasing the intra-mural brand. One-day events will also take place where multi-sports will feature
  • Opportunity for All will also allow for better relationships between the Sports Department and the Sports Union by allowing students to enhance their education by becoming involved in sports teams whereby they have the opportunity to become involved in sport at Stirling either through physio support, film and media, coaching etc.
  • Broaden the current focus on coach education by ensuring the Sports Union continue to receive appropriate funding from the University to ensure more students have open access to coaching qualifications