Candidate for the position of Union President

Image for Séarlas Mac Thoirdealbhaigh

Séarlas Mac Thoirdealbhaigh

For honest, fair and hardworking representation. Use YOUR voice. Make YOUR choice. Vote Séarlas.

If elected as Student president, I will campaign for:

“Stirling’s Students’ Union should enter into a campaign alliance with trade unions representing Stirling’s University staff and the wider trade union movement. This is in order to oppose marketisation of higher education, build links to protect our tutors and student workers alike, and further increase the solidarity within our university for the trials ahead.

Mental health and wellbeing
With suicide rates increasing on a national basis and students feeling the pressures of university life and beyond, support within our university is essential in order to save lives. I will review the waiting times for Stirling university counselling appointments, advertise drop in sessions and fight for more resources be allocated to this area, which is of the highest importance.

Rent Campaign
Over the last few years, we have gained momentum and the university has heard us. We have made deals and shook hands. However, the fight is not over. We must always hold the university to account. The work of previous presidents should not be forgotten in this election but should be carried on. I intend to do this and move the fair rent campaign forward.

Open the doors
If I am your president; I am your voice for the semester.
If you have any ideas; let's make them real.
If you have any problems; let's sort them out.
I am taking this role to benefit you, the students of Stirling. 


  • Work with 'First UK Bus' to resolve the late arrival of their buses
  • Aim to introduce more buses late at night for student safety.
  • Continue to promote and advertise the safe taxi scheme.


  • As president, I will support students in protests and their usage of democratic rights, in the fight for equality and justice.
  • I give full support to the continued work of CND.
  • I will work on multi-party solidarity so that the University of Stirling will be represented in future marches against austerity, Trump or in aid of refugees.
  • I will continue to work with the NUS to protect and protest the ongoing challenges which students face.


  •  Host late night sports screenings in the union for events such as UFC, WWE and Superbowl.
  • The promotion of movie marathons with MacRobert such as Lord of the Rings, Harry potter etc. 
  • Create a university gaming tournament with games like FIFA, C.O.D, Dark Souls and other major PVP games.
  • Promote anime at the MacRobert.
  • Aim to further improve recycling facilities on campus. 
  • Promote the building of an eco-friendly play park for students with children.
  • Make the case for a sound system in the atrium, for background music and to allow Air 3 Radio full access. 
  • Create a second give-it -a- go day after mid-term with sports teams and societies.


  • Support for gender-neutral toilets
  • Support of refugee schemes to support students from war-ravaged backgrounds.
  • Discuss the forms of testing and the alternative options available to students with dyslexia and other forms of mental disability.
  • Support equality of gender, race, religion and show fierce opposition to those who oppose this.