Candidate for the position of Vice President Communities

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Forward Together #GrantYourVote


  1. Pilot housing committees for a limited number of campus-based accommodation, who would take the lead organising inter-housing competitions, socials and trips.
  2. Commission a Housing Report in preparation for September 2018.
  3. Establish a Housing Officer on the Communities Zone Executive Committee.
  4. Explore our relationship with Stirling Council, and what more can be done to secure a sustainable, long-term housing strategy for our university.

Clubs and Societies:

  1. Expand our equipment storage to safely and efficiently meet future need.
  2. Advocate for funding and financial transparency within the Union - it's your money, you should clearly know where it goes and how it's spent.
  3. Promote home-grown talent with the CONNECT programme, an initiative that would see subject-based Clubs and Societies develop concrete links with their respective department through their Faculty Officers.
  4. Grow opportunities for our Media Societies. Push for the University to hire internally, spread the industry experience and provide Brig, Air3 and AirTV with those chances to shine.
  5. Create 'VP Tea', regular weekly lunch chats with Club & Society Presidents, aimed at increasing your accessibility to your Sabb. With free biscuits.

'The City Next Door':

  1. Work with key stakeholders in the city to utilise our almost 13,000 strong community of passionate experts and ready volunteers to improve lives.
  2. Deepen our ties with Forth Valley College, and review our support for students coming into Stirling through this method.
  3. Strengthen the bonds with our Wallace High School, and extend a willing hand to cooperate and grow existing relationships.
  4. Plan for sustainability on our campus, reduce our carbon footprint and promote environmentally responsible development.


  1. Encourage participation and engagement with our stellar Careers Employability Service.
  2. Promote our Student Support Services, and explore further ways the Union can collaborate to safeguard student wellbeing. Healthy and happy students are productive, engaged and achieving students.
  3. Enhance links with third-sector charities and employers, for internships and work experience.


          Engage students via the OPEN programme:

  • Organise  and review programmes; quality of policy over quantity.
  • Persuade students of the benefit Union engagement entails.
  • Educate both students and ourselves as to what the Union does.
  • Network and share best practice.