Candidate for the position of Co-Curricular Officer



Won't Back Down Without A Fight!

I believe that the union has developed over the years and my experience in the university as a student who is a member of varied clubs and societies has enabled me to see what is amazing about our current system and the many areas of development it does require. There by making me a good fit for the role.

In order to make the experience of clubs and societies a fulfilling experience I plan to work on certain aspects:

The first area I want to develop is that of Room Bookings as the past secretary of the Greek System Society and the LGBT+ society. I believe that this aspect of club and societies need development and refining by working on the works of past officers, I wish to further make the process of room bookings a smoother experience for all societies.

The second area I would like to work on is that of Mental Health with the help of the union I wish to implement a mental health first aid programme accessible to all society members. This will improve the overall experience of everyone in the Stirling university student body more over it will provide skills to people interested in helping others with mental health issues and able to sign post people to the services they may require.

The third area I would like to develop is that of student Activism by researching necessary information for beginner activists and attempting to create a student activist network using networking opportunities which comes along with post of clubs and societies officer and connections I have already made as NUS delegate.

Moreover, the development of relations with the wider Stirling community is also aspect I would work on, creating better ties with the local charities with the communities officer will also be a priority.

Overall I believe that due to my experiences and my dedication to the student body I would make a great clubs and societies officer.