Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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From Study Space and Car Parking, to the Cost of Graduation. Re-Elect Matt Adie as your VP Education.



Why Re-Elect me VP Education?

As VP Education this past year I’ve worked endlessly to create a better student experience at Stirling for everyone by working with the University to:

  • Introduce mandatory recordings of lectures through Listen Again
  • Develop and strengthen the student voice across the University – appointing the largest ever team of student representatives
  • Begin work on replacing tired and outdated succeed, with a more modern and usable alternative
  • Introduce a pro-rata rebate for students parking on campus, helping reduce the impact of recent permit price increases.
  • Review University procedures, helping make learning and teaching more inclusive and student centered

Whilst we’ve come far, we’ve still got further to go in creating the foundations of a first-class education. That’s why, if re-elected as VP Education my priority will be to tackle the issues that matter to all students, including:

Study Space

We’ve got a severe shortage of study space at Stirling already and with student numbers set to rise over the next few years, it’s important we ensure there’s enough capacity on campus to support our students. I’ll push the University to ensure it makes investment in the amount and quality of study space on campus.

Car Parking

We brought in the rebate and have made progress towards delivering a real-terms increase in the spaces available. However, there’s still more to do. I want the University to begin developing a long-term plan on how it proposes to manage the increasing demand for car parking –considering planned increases to the student population.


It’s important that the timetable works efficiently for students. The University decries poor attendance at lectures, but when your workload’s split into two hour chunks across five days it’s only normal for attendance to drop. I want to conduct an efficiency review of the timetable, piloting an initiative where the timetable for common courses is organized in such a way that minimizes wasted time and works for all. I also want to get tough on ensuring faculties keep Wednesday afternoons free – allowing students to participate in sport, clubs and activities outside of the curriculum.


Building on the work of our VP Communities this year, I want to harness the full power of the Union to have the University review the costs associated with graduating. At the minute, you work, stress and toil through a degree – only to be slapped with a £50 fee to celebrate actually earning it. I think it’s time for us to begin reviewing what students get for their money and start reducing the costs associated with graduation.

And more…

Whilst the above may be the headliners of this year’s manifesto, it’s by no means all I plan on doing. I’ll also be working on:

  • Creating an inclusive learning environment
  • Furthering the reach of the student voice
  • Supporting widening access

So, if you want a VP Education with the determination, focus and passion to deliver real results next year. Then make Matt Adie your #1 Choice for VP Education!