Candidate for the position of Sports Union Communications Officer



Whatever you think, I'll still be the link!

My name is Kelsey, and I’m a second year Sport Studies Student. This year I have been the Sports Union Communications Officer and absolutely loved it, so I am rerunning for this position!

What have I achieved this year?

-          Sports Union Promotion video (to be premiered at sports ball 2017!)

-          Media pack created for sports clubs & media societies

-          Increased engagement on social media, and better covereage for smaller clubs

-          Increased engagement in initatives such as the #Stir5KaDay campaign

-          Attended and represented the Sports Union at university and national events, including presenting updates!


What do I want to achieve?

Continued (and even more) equal coverage for all Sport Clubs

This year I have increased promotion for sports clubs overall on social media, as well as ensuring that the smaller clubs receive the same amount of promotion as other clubs. As always, this can be improved further by encouraging all clubs to get in touch if they need any help with promotion, or to inform us about any big upcoming fixtures and achievements!


#BleedGreen as one university!

Everyone at Stirling is proud to #BleedGreen, but this can be made even better by increasing support between clubs! Going out and supporting each other’s teams, and shouting about your own and other clubs’ success on social media! Let’s create a buzz every time our teams are performing!


Promotion of Sport Fixtures

Anyone who competes in sport will know the benefit of having a crowd cheering you on, especially at home fixtures! Therefore, I will ensure all fixtures and events are correctly advertised using Facebook events etc., whether it is BUCS, SSS, or even participation events! This will also help increase interclub relationships and make the Sports Union come together more often!


Promotion of Opportunities for Students and Clubs

Whether its competitions, volunteering or coaching opportunities, from local to international. If it’s there for you to take part in, then I’ll let you know about it! Some of these opportunities help students gain invaluable experience that can improve your employability prospects! Funding opportunities will also be promoted, and support can be provided when applying for these funds!


Recognition for Volunteers

From club committees, to coaches and officials! Sport could not run without volunteers, so let’s make sure we appreciate them! Giving up your time to have a positive effect on sport is something to be proud of; in the union, university or wider community! Establishing a ‘Volunteer of the Month’ system will help to promote this, with a shortlist of members and an overall winner. Although I have increased this in the past year, the hard work of our volunteers will be recognised all over social media for certain!