Candidate for the position of Sports President



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My name is Lindsay MacDonald and I’m running for Sports President 2017-2018. During my time at university I have been an active member in two sports teams as well as being on the trampolining and gymnastics club committee. In addition to this I have been a member of the sports union executive committee for the past 2 years. I want to use these experiences to help develop the sports union and all its clubs to their fullest potential.

Being a voice for the students

My number one priority is to ensure every student is heard and their opinion is addressed. Students are the main component of the sports union so it is very important that every single member of the sports union has a voice in how it is run. I will be their key point of contact and pass on any feedback to the relevant members of staff or take it upon myself to deal with any problems.

Club Spotlight

Shouting about club achievements will also be high up in my agenda. Small clubs deserve the same amount of recognition as the large clubs and I think this is very important in a sports union. Even PBs or MOTMs deserve to be acknowledged too. I would work closely with the communications officer to ensure these achievements are well publicised.

Club funding

Club funds has definitely been a big issue the past couple of years due to cuts in the sports union. Obviously this will have negative impacts on certain clubs as they may not be able to afford essential pieces of equipment or pay for competitions/matches they want to take part in. I would work closely with each club to help organise effective fundraisers, and make them aware of any external funds they could apply.  

Coaching and volunteering

Coaching is very important in all sports so I will ensure that clubs are aware of coaching accreditation courses in the local area. I will also be making full use of the coaching fund each semester so ensure that clubs are getting the full benefit of having qualified coaches.

Volunteering is an excellent way to build you CV when you eventually start looking for jobs. Employers appreciate someone who has a lot of volunteering experience so therefore I will be trying to get as many people as possible involved in volunteering.

Inter club relationships

I feel like it is important for all clubs in the sports union to gel and not have any conflicts. I plan to organise interclub events and try and get as many clubs involved as possible. I will also try and encourage as many teams to go and support each other at home fixtures as this creates a better, more positive atmosphere.