Candidate for the position of Union President

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Rent & Accommodation


Since the construction of the new properties, accommodation at Stirling University has become unaffordable. It is clear the university is striving to become a 5-star institution, but students are being made to pay a 5-star premium. Paying up to £630 per month for a room and shared facilities is unacceptable – that is why I will fight for fairer rent. Fighting for fairer rent doesn’t mean getting £50 per month knocked off the price – it means negotiating with the university to get a substantial decrease in the price of rent. I strongly believe that rent should not exceed the lowest band of SAAS. If elected President, I will fight tooth and nail to secure a fair rent agreement for the 2017/18 session. In the meantime, I will continue to support and organise the Fair Rent Now! Campaign.


Transparency & Accountability


The student body is neglected when it comes to making big decisions, such as setting the price of rent. The vast majority of students will go through their whole university career without once coming into contact with the people that run our place of learning. That is why I will lobby the university to become a more transparent institution. I would like there to be at least one meeting per semester where those that run our university are grilled and questioned on their decisions. If I elected President, I pledge to be accessible and transparent.


Mental Health – Raising awareness for men


Mental health issues have become a prevalent contemporary issue – in particular for men. In the UK, men are twice as likely than women to commit suicide. That is why for mental health week I would like to launch the Speak Your Mind campaign. This campaign will encourage all students to open up to their friends and trusted ones.


Student Foodbank


If I am elected President, I would like to pilot a student foodbank for students who have run out of food and can’t afford to go to the shops. In doing this, I would like to work the Green and Blue Space, the Union and socieities.






The lack of a bus shelter at Queens Court is an issue for students that I have spoken to. Although there is an indoor seating area in Cottrell, buses often drive past the bus stop if no one is there. As Union President, I pledge to lobby the university to build a bus shelter at the Queens Court bus stops.




Paying every member of staff the living wage is of great importance. Currently, the university pays workers the living wage, but the union does not. I will lobby the union to ensure that all staff are paid a living wage by spring 2017.