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In January 2023, a motion was passed at our general meeting asking that Stirling Students’ Union supports student sex workers, and believes that sex work is work. Read the full motion.

What is sex work?


‘Sex work’ is an umbrella term which includes anything that involves the exchange of sexual services for money or goods. This can include both direct physical contact and indirect sexual stimulation. 

  • Examples include: 

  • Internet and webcam services 

  • Acting in the porn industry 

  • Glamour modelling 

  • Dancing in strip clubs 

  • Escorting 

Sfssw.co.uk are a confidential peer support organisation which is 100% sex worker led. They’re here to support all sex workers and anyone who identifies with the sex work community. Their team is made up of sex work specialists, mental health support workers and creative support workers.  

Prostitutescollective.net is a network of sex workers working both on the streets and indoors, campaigning for decriminalization and safety. 

Release.org.uk are a charity that offer free non-judgemental, specialist advice and information to the public and professionals on issues related to drug use and laws.  

The University of Leicester offers safety resources for students and staff.

Basis Yorkshire works to end stigma, create safety and promote empowerment to sex workers. They also provide high quality training and awareness raising sessions locally and nationally on social justice issues and practice development.

Are there support resources you know of that aren’t included in this list? Let us know! Email communities.union@stir.ac.uk 

Sexual health 


Support for student sex workers have information about physical safety, online safety and sexual health as a sex worker on their website

Where to access Sexual Health services in Stirling: 

  • We provide free condoms at the Students' Union. Simply come by and grab some from our welcome desk between 9-5, Monday-Friday.

  • If you’re registered with our on campus Airthrey Park Medical Centre, you can be seen by their sexual health lifestyle clinic.

Sex workers rights


You can find this useful document from English Prostitutes Collectives, which details advice for situations sex workers may find themselves in.

This toolkit from Yorkshire Basis also details information on sex workers rights, and specifically mentions the differences in Scottish law.

Release also have a lengthy document detailing the relationship between Sex Workers and the Law.  

It’s important to keep in mind that laws can differ between countries, so always double check advice from English sources.  

Get support


Through sfssw.co.uk, you can access multiple kinds of support. This includes just talking it out with a professional, assistance in reporting that you’ve experienced a crime, and a helpline if you need urgent support. Visit their website to find out more about support.

You can also get mental health and wellbeing support through the University’s Student Support Services.

Alternatively, you can access 24/7 support through Spectrum.Life.