the garden

Did you know that the Green and Blue Space has a beautiful organic community garden right here on campus?! With plenty of hands, laughs, sun and rain and beer traps we managed to produce and harvest an amazing 300kg of vegetables and fruit last year! This was achieved without the use of inorganic fertilisers or pesticides, and using permaculture principles to help promote biodiversity and improve our environment. We also have over 20 fruit and nut trees in our orchard including apple, damson, quince and hazel trees! Now in their third year we produced a brilliant harvest this past autumn.

Working with the University’s Gardens and Grounds, we have access to a polytunnel and a heated greenhouse to help sow seeds earlier in the year and protect them from late frosts. We have also managed to access free woodchips from the team for our garden paths. This year we have purchased materials for constructing netting tunnels, allowing the community garden to expand to include an area previously not utilised. And gardening is not just about digging and weeding, it’s also about socialising - we received a free gazebo for social events, so bring on some summer BBQ’s in this beautiful space!

We are always looking for new volunteers to help out and share this community garden with. We hold twice weekly gardening sessions on Mondays from 2pm - 3:30pm and Thursdays from 2pm - 4pm where everyone is welcome to join. These will start from 30th September 2019. If you are interested in joining then email Matt Woodthorpe, Environmental Development Coordinator at and we’ll be able to provide you with more information.