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how to join

What do I need?

  • A Sports Union Membership
  • A Sports Club Membership
  • A Sports Facilities Membership

sports union membership

What is it?

The Sports Union membership is your opportunity to join our clubs and represent your University. To represent Stirling you will need your Sports Union membership, which also provides you with appropriate insurance for any training and competitive activities. It is there to protect you and offer new opportunities during your time at Stirling.

How much is it?

Memberships for 2022-23 will be on sale from the 1st August 2022. A Sports Union Membership costs £25 and is valid until 31st July 2022. Single semester membership is available to students on Study Abroad for £20.

Where do I buy it?

Online by credit/debit card.

Sports Union Card
  • Sports Union (Student)£20.00
  • Sports Union (Non Student)£20.00

OR in the Students’ Union office between 9am-4pm Monday to Friday during semester times.

Once you are a member of the Sports Union you will be able to join any of our amazing sports clubs! By submitting your details, please be aware that the Union will treat your data in accordance with its privacy policy available at make sure you read the Sports Union Code of Conduct before joining, click here to download it. 

sports club membership

What is it?
This is your membership to an individual sports club/team. You need it to participate in club activities.

How much is it?
Membership varies for each club so please have a look on the current clubs list to find a club you want to join, prices are on each club's page.

Where do I buy it?

On each individual club's page. Look at the current clubs list here. 

Where do I pick it up?
It’s not a card so you don’t need to collect it!

sports facilities membership

What is it?

The Sports Facilities membership is required to access the facilities which your club use throughout the year.  It also gives you access to University of Stirling Sport's brand-new facilities including the 100+ fitness suite, strength and conditioning suite and swimming pool.  You'll also be able to access the fitness classes and Just Play Sport sessions for no extra charge. 

How much it it?

Please find the student prices for sports facility membership here. You'll be required to purchase this membership at the same time as purchasing your Sports Union and club membership. Monthly and annual payment options are available.  

Where do I buy it?

You can purchase your Sports Facilities membership here

How do I access the facility?

Once you've purchased your Sports Facilities membership, your membership will be registered to your student card.  Please make sure to download the University of Stirling Sport app where you will be able to start making bookings for your club training, gym sessions, swimming pool, fitness classes and Just Play Sport.  Once you've booked on, you'll be able to swipe into the facilities with your student card.

Members of the following clubs are exempt from such requirement as the club does not use sports facilities on campus. This is, of course, unless they are also members of non-exempt clubs.


Orienteering & Hill Running
Sub Aqua Qualified Divers 
(must prove eligibility to dive in open water to President or membership will be cancelled and any membership fees paid will be refunded in accordance with Refund Policy)


If you have any queries or are unsure of any matters relating to membership please e-mail