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Stirling University Dance Club


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

Stirling University Dance Club: SUDC


SUDC delivers classes in a range of styles including hip hop, ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, commercial, contemporary and beginners.

All members of the team are encouraged to audition for our competition team, who will compete at least twice (hopefully more!) in 2021.Our compition auditons run in October. As well as competitions, we will host our annual show in April 2021, where the hard work and talents of all our members will be showcased! 

No matter your level of dance experience, the committee and team would love to see you at classes!

  • Membership cost: £40 
  • Sports union membership: £25 
  • Sports Centre membership: £100 for full year or a direct debit of £9.99 a month
  • If you are looking to auditon for our compiton team there are extra fees

Committee Members:

  • Ceilidh Elliott - President
  • Jessica Sangster - Secretary
  • Iona Sievewright - Treasurer
  • Helena Duncan - Social Secretary
  • Katriona Scott - Fundraiser
  • Kirsten Ritchie - Show Coordinator
  • Abby Waugh - Publicity

Keep up to date with the club's achievements, events, photos and more via Facebook at www.facebook.com/SUDC15 and Instagram at stirunidance.

Temporary timetable until the new sports centre opens;

Some styles will alternate each week due to the low number of hours we have a week. This will be a first come first serve basis. The university is launching an app to book sessions. 

Hiphop (week 1)
Contemp (week 2) 
~alternate each week~
Sports hall
Commercial (week 1)
Jazz (week 2)
~alternate each week~
Sports Hall
ONLINE- Microsoft teams
Strength + Conditioning
Microsoft teams
Sports Hall
Lyrical (week 1)
Ballet (week 2)
~alternate each week~
Sports hall

New sports centre timetable (see below- when opened)

Monday Where Time
Beginners Venue 5-6pm
Tap Venue 6-7pm
Contemporary Venue 7-8pm
Technique Studio 1 - Sports Centre 8:30-9:30pm


Tuesday Where Time
Strenth + Conditioning Studio 3 - Sports Centre 6-7pm
Ballet Studio 3 - Sports Centre 7-8pm
Lyrical Studio 3 - Sports Centre 8-9pm


Thursday  Where Time
Jazz Studio 2 - Sports Centre 7-8pm
Commercial Studio 2 - Sports Centre 8-9pm
Hip Hop Studio 2 - Sports Centre 9-10pm

Any questions? Just leave us a comment/drop us an email at stirunidance@outlook.com or send us a message on Facebook and someone will get back to you ASAP!

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