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The Sports Union is the proud home of 50 Sports Clubs!

The University of Stirling was awarded the title of Scottish University for Sporting Excellence in 2008.

With all the opportunities on offer we hope you can find a sport to get involved in. Please take time to explore our sport clubs here.

Not sure where to begin? Give us a bell.

To contact the Sports Union, please get in touch with the Union at: or by calling 01786 467166.



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In collaboration with Scottish Student Sport (SSS) and the NAtional Union of Students Acotland (NUS) all our sporting events are smoke free to promote the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Initiative. 

leadership in sport training

The Sports Union is currently offering Leadership in Sport training for Committee members. This training will take place on Wednesday 20th November between 6pm and 8pm and Thurs 21st November 5.30pm - 7.30pm. Places are limited and you need to register to take part. To register, please click here or on the image below.


Sports Union Meetings 

These meetings are essential for ensuring club committees are kept updated of new changes that affect them, but also to discuss relevant issues and upcoming events. This is also an opportunity for to question your elected representatives about what they are doing to make your lives better.

Attendance is compulsory for all clubs, so we ask that every club sends at least one committee member to each Sport Union meeting.

New agendas will be added prior to the meetings taking place. See the 'What's On' section of the website for meeting dates. For more information or to put forward your own ideas to a meeting please email

Presidents Forum

Presidents Forum will convene once a month, usually the week of Sports Union Meetings. This is where presidents of all clubs meet together with the Sports Union President to discuss matters relevant to the Sports Union. It’s a smaller meeting giving club presidents the chance to air their views on a variety of topics, in a closer environment, before they are taken to Sports Union Meetings. 

SU Executive Committee

This Committee looks at all Sports Union activity including policy, events, club activity, funding distribution and potential opportunities. Members meet once a month to discuss and take decisions relevant to activity of the Sports Union.

Sports Union AGM (Annual General Meeting)

This is the biggest meeting of the year for the Sports' Union. It takes place once a year, normally in late April, and it has several functions.

At this meeting the Sports Union President will present annual accounts to Sports Union members and sum up the achievements and challenges of the year.

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