STEER peer support

STEER is a University-wide peer support scheme linking in returning student 'Captains' with new undergraduate or taught post-graduate student 'Crew' during their first or second year at Stirling. The scheme aims to help students make the most of their time at the University by helping new students settle in and realise the opportunities available to them. 

One of the most valuable sources of support students have is each other. Signing up as Crew opens you up to the wealth of knowledge returning students have gained during their first years at university. 

Students can sign up as Crew at any time during their first year or second year. There are also occasions where we accept Crew from higher years if students feel that they would greatly benefit from this level of support. If this is you and you are in second year or above, please contact us, and we will allocate a Captain to you in the same way.

All Captains are volunteers who are recruited, trained and supported by the Students' Union. In fact, many Captains were once Crew themselves.

Check out our upcoming events & activities at the link below:

STEER Events & Activities

How do I apply? 

To sign up as a Captain or Crew member, please visit the "STEER Application 2022/23" link below:

STEER Application 2022/23

If applying as a Captain, please download the role description below.

STEER Captain Role Description


Find out more on what STEER can offer by clicking on the YouTube video below. 


STEER Makes Waves! Faculty-Specific Peer Support

At Stirling Students' Union, we have been supporting a growing number of faculties to develop their own version of STEER. Through our expertise and knowledge from years of running and developing the current programme, we can support faculties to provide more tailored support to their students. 

If your faculty has a STEER division, you can sign up as Crew and be provided with a student contact from within your field of study so that you may receive faculty-based support. 

If your faculty doesn't yet have it's own STEER division, please click the below application link to start one. 

Application to open a faculty-specific peer support STEER division

Important Contacts

Activities & Volunteer Coordinator, Jordyn Austin:

If you require any more information or assistance completing the application forms, please don't hesitate to contact us.