STEER peer support


Your Students' Union is delighted to continue to provide STEER for 2021/22.

You can apply for STEER (Peer Support & Pandemic Pals) here. Find out more info by clicking on the YouTube video below on what STEER can offer. 

STEER- Peer Support

STEER is a University-wide peer support scheme linking in returning student 'Captains' with new undergraduate or taught post-graduate 'Crew', during their first year at Stirling. Whether based overseas, here for a semester abroad, undergrad or postgrad, our Captains can help everyone with the transition of settling into life at the University of Stirling

The scheme aims to help students make the most of their time at the University by helping new students - the Crew - settle in and realise the opportunities available to them. This year we are opening Crew up to First AND Second year to ensure that all years get the best possible welcome and support, especially since out current second years' First Year was a bit different in 2020.  

Students can sign up as Crew at any time during their first year or second year. There are also occasions where we accept Crew from higher years if students feel that they would greatly benefit from this level of support.  If this is you, and you are in second year or above, please email and we can allocate a Captain to you in the same way.

All Captains are volunteers who are recruited, trained and supported by the Students' Union. In fact, many Captains were once Crew themselves.

STEER- Pandemic Pals

Building on the success of STEER and as a result of student feedback in October 2020, we have identified that students may simply want to chat to other students while we all navigate these unusual times! Whether it's about Halls, what you're studying, where you're from - our Pandemic Pals scheme is here to help. It's open to all students (so not just returning students looking to help new) and we will aim to match you with someone who has similar interests.  

How do I apply? 

Sign up for all roles within STEER here -just select ALL of the options which apply to you!   

If you require any more information or assistance completing the form please don't hesitate to contact us at

STEER Makes Waves! (faculty-specific Peer Support)

At Stirling Union, we have been supporting a growing number of faculties to develop their own version of STEER.  Through our expertise and knowledge from years of running and developing the current STEER Peer Support and Pandemic Pals models, we can support faculties to provide more tailored support to their students.  See if your faculty has it's own version below and click on the logo to sign up. 

DISCLAIMER: All faculty specific models of STEER are solely run by the contact noted below (coming soon!) and are not the responsibility of the Students' Union, although greatly supported by us.

Don't worry if your faculty doesn't have it's own version or even if if does and you still want sign up for the main Student Union run model. You can apply for the main STEER programme in addition to, or alongside, a faculty-specific programme here.  There are many forms of Peer Support which you can benefit from all at once during your time at University and we firmly believe that some of the best support that you can gain as a student is from your fellow students.