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student advocacy service

We recognise that many things can affect students experience and even affect your studies. If you find that you are unhappy with some aspect of university life or personal circumstances are affecting your studies then the Union can offer independent support and information or signpost you to the appropriate University or external services. 

As well as information and signposting we offer specialist support and representation for academic appeals, disciplinary proceedings, academic misconduct, fitness to practice, complaints and more.

We are experienced supporting students on our professional programmes too and well as those in advanced studies e.g. PhD and professional postgraduate studies. 

No matter how trivial or how serious the issue seems – you don’t have to deal with it on your own. We are here for you when you need us and aim to respond to enquiries on the same working day. If you need to speak to us send us an email  and let us know your availability and we will send you an appointment. Currently all appointments are on Teams. If you need an appointment out of normal working hours we will try to accommodate that need.  

An email to is the best way to contact us but you can also call drop into the Union office or call 01786 467188.  

Whatever way you contact us your enquiry will be handled in confidence (Advocacy service and confidentiality statement) and directed to the person who may best help you.

Useful links to other support, information and self-help resources

Whilst the Union operates our advocacy services independently from the University, we encourage our members to be aware of the services provided  through the Student Hub. This team offer general advice, money advice, academic literacy, disability support, short-term focused counselling and careers advice. For more information check out their website: University Student Support.

The University also provides a list of external sources of support: External Support.

The Students' Union also helps to support the running of Nightline. This is a confidentails listening service for students, by students. To find out more including hours of operation, visit Nightline.

Useful Links from the University and elsewhere:
Student academic appeals and complaints
Appeals form 
Complaints policy
Code of Student Discipline 
NHS Forth Valley Digital Book Shelf - self help resources

gender based violence

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Following a period of engagement and consultation with the University community, including staff, students and victims/survivors of GBV, the University and Students' Union have launched our revised strategy for the 2021-24 period. 

The strategy builds on the achievements of the original strategy launched in 2016, continuing to focus on four key areas of work around preventing and responding to GBV. These are: 

  • fostering a culture where GBV is actively challenged and in which people experiencing GBV are respected, support and empowered; 
  • responding robustly and effectively to incidents of gender-based misconduct when they occur in our community; 
  • ensuring our staff and students are i) clear about their options and receive appropriate support if they have experienced GBV, and ii) are clear about how to appropriately respond to and support those who have experienced GBV; 
  • improving our knowledge and understanding about the prevalence of and impact of our work to prevent and tackle GBV. 

Some of our achievements from our last strategy include; developing First Responder Guidelines and offering training sessions in this area; training 17 specialist Sexual Violence and Misconduct Liaison Officers (SVMLOs) to support staff and students; developing strong partnerships with local support providers including Forth Valley Rape CrisisStirling and District Women’s AidPolice Scotland and The Meadows; a comprehensive GBV website with information and support; providing staff and student bystander training sessions; and the roll out of an online bystander module for students and GBV module staff.

You can find out more information on our Gender Based Violence webpages.

Our revised Gender Based Violence Strategy 2021-24 was approved by University Court in June 2021. The strategy is owned jointly by the University and the Students' Union.

If you have been affected by sexual violence or other forms of sexual misconduct such as harassment or stalking, the University will listen to you and support you.

There is a dedicated web page which provides lots of information about:

  • Where you can get help - both at University and from external agencies
  • Your options
  • What to do if you want to report to the University or the Police
  • What to do if you just want to talk but don't want to report anything
  • What to do if you are supporting a friend or a colleague


'don't be that guy' campaign

Police Scotland launched new campaign in Oct 2021 urging men to call time on sexual crime.
The That Guy campaign builds on previous Police Scotland #GetConsent campaigns, targeting men aged 18 – 35 years who are most likely to commit sexual offences.

Its aim is to urge men to take responsibility for their actions and language to help affect a culture change to tackle sexual crime against women. You can watch the video below and find out more about the campaign here - That Guy