advocacy & support

Here at your Students’ Union we aim to
make students’ lives better.

We recognise that many things can affect students experience and even affect your studies. If you find that you are unhappy with some aspect of university life or personal circumstances are affecting your studies then the Union can offer independent support and information or signpost you to the appropriate University or external services. As well as information and signposting we offer specialist support and representation for academic appeals, disciplinary proceedings, academic misconduct, fitness to practice and complaints.

No matter how trivial or how serious the issue seems – you don’t have to deal with it on your own. Whether you want to call us, drop us an email, chat over Teams or visit the Students’ Union office, your enquiry will be handled in confidence and directed to the person who may best help you.

If you know it is an issue with which you may need academic representation or support, then email or call 01786 467188. Lynn is the Advocacy & Inclusion Development Coordinator who is responsible for this specialist area of support and representation. 

For reference, please read our Advocacy service and confidentiality statement which outlines how we'll deal with any enquiry from you.

Useful links to other support, information and self-help resources?

Whilst the Union operates our advocacy services independently from the University, we encourage our members to be aware of the services provided  through the Student Hub. This team offer general advice, money advice, academic literacy, disability support, short-term focused counselling and careers advice. For more information check out their website here.

The University also provides a list of external sources of support here.  

The Students' Union also helps to support the running of Nightline. This is a confidentails listening service for students, by students. To find out more including hours of operation, click here.

Useful Links from the University and elsewhere:
Student academic appeals and complaints
Appeals form 
Complaints policy
Academic misconduct and plagiarism policy 
Code of Student Discipline 
NHS Forth Valley Digital Book Shelf - self help resources

sexual violence and misconduct

If you have been affected by sexual violence or other forms of sexual misconduct such as harassment or stalking, the University will listen to you and support you.

We have a dedicated web page which provides lots of information about:

  • Where you can get help - both at University and from external agencies
  • Your options
  • What to do if you want to report to the University or the Police
  • What to do if you just want to talk but don't want to report anything
  • What to do if you are supporting a friend or a colleague

The University and Students’ Union have also produced a joint strategy which sets out our approach to preventing and tackling sexual violence and misconduct.