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Every year, you (the students!) elect four Sabbatical Officers who work full time (paid) in the Union to represent you to the University and beyond. You also elect a group of part time Officers called 'Executive' who work on a voluntary basis on campaigns and projects. There are main Elections in March every year, and a by-election in October/November.

If you've ever considered running for a position, it's a great way to get experience, boost your CV, work on things you're really passionate about and make change here at the University & Students' Union. 

If you have any questions, e-mail Rosamund Vickers, the Union's Democracy & Representation Coordinator or pop by the Union Offices.

by-election 2021 results

by election results 2021 with elections rosette


Postgraduate Officer

James Douglas - Elected

NUS Delegate

Katie Gethings - Elected


James will join their fellow Part-Time Officers and Sabbaticals on the Executive Council, representing the voices and interests of postgraduate students. Katie will join Nela, Union President, as a delegate at both the National Union of Students UK and Scotland conferences, representing the interests of Stirling students at a National level. The 3 remaining NUS Delegate posts will be put up for election at the General Meeting on the 11th of November.

Vote Count

James Douglas: 11, Re-open Nominations: 5

Katie Gethings: 59, Re-open Nominations: 8


election results 2021

You can find the results of the Union Election below, both in the slides which can be accessed by clicking the image below, and in the written list under the image.

Powerpoint presentation of the 2021 Union Election Results

Housing Officer – Louis Kennedy

Co-Curricular Officer – Jamie McDiarmid

Sustainability Officer – Caitlin Turner      

International Officer – Anuoluwapo Adegbola 

Arts Officer – Sanhita Sanjay Gokhale 

Media Officer - Calum Sutherland

Health & Wellbeing Officer – Esme Foxworthy-Bowers 

Sports Communication Officer – Juliette Oliveras

Sports Participation & Engagement Officer – Tash Miller


Vice President Education - Calum Brown

Vice President Communites - Alyson Mackay

Sports President - Sophie Charlton

Union President - Nela Cadinanos Gonzales  


Equalities officers

There are four Equalities Officer who also sit within the Executive. The Equalities Officers, however, are elected in a separate process to the other Officer positions above. The Equalities Officers are instead elected in the spring Equalities Zone. The Equalities Officers were elected at the Equalities Zone meeting held on March 18th 2021 at 5pm. The following students were elected to hold these posts for 2021-2022:


Equalities Officer (Women) - Nisa Rajesh Panjwani

Equalities Officer (Disabled) - Lewis Shaw

Equalities Officer (BAME) - R.O.N (Re-open Nominations). Elections for Equalities Officer (BAME) will therefore be re-opened for nomination in the next Equalities Zone in Autumn 2021.

Equalities Officer (LGBT+) -  No candidates stood. This will be re-opened for nominations in the next Equalities Zone in Autumn 2021.


Click the drop down below to view positions available and read the role descriptions.

equalities officers

Part Time Voluntary Officer Positons

Click on each of the positions you're interested in to view the role remit. If you've got further questions about an individual role, email Rosamund Vickers at and we can even set you up with some shadowing of current officers!



Other info & contact

Access Problems:

If you are having any issues accessing the nomination portal or voting, please contact Rosamund Vickers at and she will assist you as soon as possible.


If you wish to raise a complaint in relation to an election, this form is to be completed in support of complaints made in accordance with the Elections Rules.

Any complaints should be directed, in writing, to the Deputy Returning Officer Rosamund Vickers, at