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Student representation is the core of what we are as a Student Union and putting you, our members, at the heart of the decision making process is vital to ensure that your interests are championed. Every year you elect student officers to represent your views, to be your voice to the University, to local government and to national policy makers. Through consultation and talking to our members, active campaigning and lobbying decision makers your Union fights to improve your experience and opportunities whilst at University, after graduation and for those students still to come. 


Congratulations to all our new exec members and NUS Delegates! Click the PDF below to expand and read the full results breakdown.


nus delegates

At NUS National Conference 2014 and NUS Scotland Conference 2015, delegates voted to change NUS' rules around delegations to Conference, meaning that from now onwards, all students' unions must send delegations that include at least 50% self-defining women (rounded down) as a way of ensuring that conference floor is representative of the student movement.  For example, we at Stirling have a delegate entitlement of 3 for NUS UK and 5 for NUS Scotland, so for NUS UK, we must send at least 1 woman, and for NUS UK, at least two women. As such, this will be taken into consideration during the count process, to ensure that our minimum 50% rounded down requirement is met. 

As only two male delegates have been elected, we will hold a meeting to elect two delegates, who identify as women, gender fluid or gender non-binary, in the very near future. Info will be here. 

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