Student representation is at the core of what we are as a Student Union and putting you, our members, at the heart of the decision making process is vital to ensure that your interests are championed.

Every year, you elect student officers to represent your views, to be your voice to the University, to local and national government.

Why not you? Have you ever wanted to champion the interests of students? To represent your peers on issues like transport, study space, housing, or kit tender? There are lots of available positions in this Election, from full-time to part-time positions. Get involved!

This webpage has all of the details about running in the 2018 Elections (ie. how to nominate yourself, important dates, the code of conduct, etc.). However, if you have any questions, e-mail Amy Eberlin, the Union's Democracy & Research Coordinator or pop by the Union Offices.




The Reward – Sabbatical Officers receive a contract, salary, holiday entitlement and automatically become Trustees of the Union. As well as gaining invaluable experience in chairing meetings, managing budgets, communicating, leading people, projects & campaigns. Exec positions are voluntary, part time, but are incredibly useful for building your CV, experience and are a great way to build up to running for Sabbatical Officer.

In addition to the above Sabbatical and Executive Officer Positions, you can also run for NUS Delegate if you identify as a woman or non-binary. Please make sure to read the job descriptions of the positions that you're considering in their entirety. You can find them all here.


important dates

  • Announcement of Elections: Monday, January 29th
  • Nominations Open: Monday, February 12th @9AM
  • Nominations Close: Monday, February 26th  @ 12PM
  • Candidates Briefing #1: Wednesday, February 28th @ 4:30PM (Ian King Meeting Room)
  • Union Hustings: Tuesday, March 6th @ 12PM (Atrium)
  • Candidates Briefing #2 : Wednesday, March 7th @ 4:30PM (Ian King Meeting Room)
  • Alternative Hustings: Thursday, March 8th @ 6PM (Venue)
  • Publicity Party: Sunday, March 11th @ 6pm (Studio/Atrium) - FREE PIZZA! 
  • Voting Opens: Monday, March 12th @ 9 AM
  • Voting Closes: Tuesday, March 13th @ 6:15pm 
  • Results Party: Tuesday, March 13th @ 7pm (Venue) 



Ensure that you have completed everything on this checklist, as you wont be able to stand in the Election unless everything is completed before Monday, February 26th @ 12PM.

1.   Manifesto (maximum 500 words)

2.   Slogan (maximum 25 words)

3.   Picture of yourself

4.   Seconders Form (50 for Sabbatical Officers; 15 for Executive Officers and NUS Delegate). 

5.   Publicity artwork design

6.   Signed Officer Code of Conduct



All candidates get a printing allowance from the Union to support their publicity. The printing allowance is used to print posters and flyers. However, the Union retains the right to halve your printing allowance if you're running for an uncontest position.

Candidates must not pay for extra printing or printed publicity. Candidates for Sabbatical Officer positions will be have access to limited funding for non-printed publicity, but this will be explained in detail at the first Candidates Briefing. 

Each candidate’s printed publicity must have the following:

  •        Your name & the position you are running for
  •        The Student Union logo (find it here, do not use the web banner)
  •        The date and time of the election
  •        Details on how to vote (via the Union website)

Your printed publicity is printed single-sided in black print onto coloured paper. There is a choice of 9 colours of paper to choose from and you will need to stipulate what colour you want at the time of submitting your nomination. If there are multiple candidates for the same position who request the same colour, it will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Colours: Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Lilac, Deep Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green or Light Green. 

Print Packs:

  •          Pack 1 (for uncontested Executive positions) - 300x A6, 10x A4 and 10x A3
  •          Pack 2 (for contested Executive positions) - 490x A6, 16x A4, 12x A3 and 1x A2
  •          Pack 3 (for all Sabb positions) - 300x A6, 200x A5, 20x A4, 20x A3 and 2x A2 

Only 1 item of artwork per size will be accepted.  Each candidate is responsible for ensuring their publicity artwork is designed.  Each candidate is also responsible for delivering the artwork design file to the Union correctly named- e.g. John Smith A3 Poster.pdf 



There is no campaigning until you are confirmed as a candidate, which will be after nominations close.

Top Tips: 

  • Have a team to support you.
  • Work out who your voters are.
  • Design your posters and flyers according to which you think will have the most impact with your voters.
  • Have a catchy slogan.
  • Be visible – talk to people and ask lecturers if you can do lecture shout-outs.
  • Have a social media presence (Facebook page, Twitter hashtag or Snapchat name)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Amy Eberlin, the Union's Democracy & Research Coordinator


Union Elections 2018

Every year, you are asked to elect, from your peers, an officer team to lead your Students' Union. The successful Sabbatical and Executive Officers candidates will work for one year to improve your time here at Stirling. Make sure that your voice is heard and cast your vote in the Union Elections!

18 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 12:00 on Monday 26 February 2018 (in 8 days)

The polls open at 09:00 on Monday 12 March 2018 (in 3 weeks and 1 days)

Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.

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