The Recognising and Advancing Teaching Excellence (RATE) Award scheme was first introduced by Stirling Students' Union in 2010. RATE was born from the Union's desire to recognise the excellent quality of teaching at the University of Stirling and to provide students with the opportunity to identify areas of good practice within their learning experience.

The awards have continued to grow in success and popularity since their introduction. On average, we recieve over 1,300 nominations, resulting in the nomination of 420 academic and professional staff to be nominated for an award. Those 1,300+ nominations show that our students value the support that they are given by professional and academic staff, as well as the time that they dedicate to students. Engaging students in course material, through innovative lecture styles, was found to be at the heart of good practice for our students.

With our help and support, University of Stirling staff members have been able to go forward for National Learning and Teaching awards: in 2014, May McCreddie (School of Health Sciences) was shortlisted for the Most Innovative Teacher of the Year Award at the Times Higher Education Awards, using the qualitive data we had received from the RATE Awards as their evidence, and 2016 Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year winner, David Lavaelle (School of Sport) went forward for the THES Outstanding Research Supervisor Award. 

The RATE awards depend on student nominations. Your nominations are used to inform the University about what you, as a student body, consider to be the best methods of teaching. They are also used to identify any necessary improvements in learning and teaching at the University. RATE is intended to empower students to be co-creators in their learning & teaching experience through feeding back about their learning experience at Stirling.


winners & runners up 2020

You can watch the awards presentation video below or check out the full list of winners and runners up. Congratulations everyone! 


Excellence in Teaching in the Faculty of Natural Science 

Winner – Tim Whalley 

Runner Up – Giuseppe Paladini 

Excellence in Teaching in the Faculty of Health Science & Sport  

Winner – Fiona Smith 

Runner Up – Christopher Hartley 

Excellence in Teaching in the Faculty of Social Science 

Winner – Kylie Bradfield 

Runner Up – Vikki McCall 

Excellence in Teaching in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities 

Winner – Staci Rowlison 

Runner Up – Andrea Baumeister 

Excellence in Teaching in the Stirling Management School 

Winner – Paul Cowell 

Runner Up – Maria Grydaki 

Outstanding Admin 

Winner – Allison Butler 

Runner Up – Susan Bell 

Innovation in Postgraduate Teaching Award 

Winner – Terrie-Lynn Thompson 

Runner Up – Simon McCabe 

Research Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year Award 

Winner – Tessa Parkes 

Runner Up – Mirko Moro  

Runner Up – Oliver Mallet  

Fantastic Feedback Award 

Winner – Christopher Hartley 

Runner Up – Jane Robertson 

Innovation in Online Module Content 

Winner – Edward Moran 

Runner Up – Keri Davies 

Outstanding Support Award 

Winner – Damyan Kachulski 

Runner Up – David Battersby 

Dedication to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

Winner –  Peter Matthews 

Runner Up – Roger Watt 

Dedication to Sustainability 

Winner – Colin Dey 

Runner Up – Hannes Stephan

Best Tutor Award 

Winner – Damyan Kachulski 

Runner Up –  Thomas Collins  

Lifetime Achievement Award (will onwards be known as the Kate Howie Lifetime Achievement Award)

Kate Howie

Faculty Officer of the Year 

Winner – Ryan McMillan 

Runner Up – Linda Axelsson 

Student Service of the Year 

Winner – Accommodation Services 

Runner Up – Library and Information Services 

Faculty of the Year 

Winner – Natural Sciences 

Runner Up – Stirling Management School 

This project was partially funded thanks to the philanthropic support of staff, alumni and friends via the Stirling Fund



RATE Awards 2019 

Congratulations to all those nominated during the RATE nominations! Find out all those who won Awards by accessing the 2019 RATE Award presentation here.

To see photographs, from the event, click here.

You can also view our final report from the RATE Awards 2019 by clicking the image below.

If you have any questions about the awards, please direct them to Rosamund Vickers, Democracy & Representation Coordinator, at rosamund.vickers@stir.ac.uk