RATE Awards 2023

The Recognising and Advancing Teaching Excellence (RATE) Award scheme was first introduced by Stirling Students' Union in 2010. RATE was born from the Union's desire to recognise the excellent quality of teaching at the University of Stirling and to provide students with the opportunity to identify areas of good practice within their learning experience. This has now expanded to include recognition and celebration of the support not only academic staff provide, but also professional services, support staff and Student Representatives.

The awards have continued to grow in success and popularity since their introduction. Those nominations show that our students value the support that they are given by academic staff, support staff, professional services and student reps, as well as the time that they dedicate to students.

The RATE awards depend on student nominations. Your nominations are used to inform the University about what you, as a student body, consider to be the best methods of teaching, student engagement, and student support. They are also used to identify any necessary improvements in learning and teaching, and student support at the University. RATE is intended to empower students to be co-creators in their learning & teaching experience through feeding back about their learning experience at Stirling.


RATE Awards 2023

Nominations for the 2023 RATE Awards are now open and will close on March 10th 2023. You can nominate staff members, university services, and faculty officers via the link on your student portal. You can find more information on each award via the nomination link on your portal when nominations open soon.

Award Categories 2023

  • Student Service of the Year
  • Outstanding Commitment to Innovation in Blended Learning 
  • Faculty Officer of the Year
  • Faculty of the Year
  • Tutor of the Year
  • Research Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year Award
  • Excellence in Teaching in the Stirling Management School
  • Excellence in Teaching in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Excellence in Teaching in the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Excellence in Teaching in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Sport
  • Excellence in Teaching in the Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Excellence in Teaching in INTO
  • Professional Services and Support Staff Of the Year
  • Outstanding Commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Outstanding Commitment to Sustainability
  • Outstanding Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusion in Blended Learning

In addition to the awards above which you can nominate individuals for, we have two awards which are awarded directly by the Students' Union:

  • Kate Howie Lifetime Achievement Award
  • VP Education's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Academic Education

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