equality, diversity & inclusion

Your Union takes its role as a champion for equality very seriously, everything that we do as a Union is bound by our Equal Opportunities statement and we are accredited as a Zero Tolerance Union actively challenging sexual harassment within our society.

The Union is proud to work with the University of Stirling to prevent and tackle sexual violence through our joint strategy. We want to ensure that Stirling is a place with a culture of respect, where sexual violence is not tolerated and where it does occur those affected feel they can come forward with the knowledge that they will be believed and taken seriously. More information on this strategy can be found here.


equalities steering group

We have regular Equalities Steering Group meetings. These meetings are open to all  BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethinic), LGBT+, women, and disabled students to attend. These meetings are a forum for the Union to gather feedback and help solve any issues that may be arising. The Equalities Steering Group is where the four equalities officers are elected (who represent the four equality groups – BAME, LGBT+, women, and disabled students).

You can see who our current equalities officers are here!


equalities societies

Gender Equality Movement 

We are Stirling University’s Gender Equality Movement. Our aim is to promote equality for all of the genders and provide a safe space for learning about this topic (all while smashing the patriarchy).

We welcome everyone to come along to our weekly meetings at 6.30 on Mondays as well as to our social events. Feel free to come along to meet like-minded people and to find out more. Even if you’re not a registered member you’re more than welcome to come along.


LGBT+ society 

Our group stands for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, plus society, but we also more than welcome questioning or LGBT+ friendly students. We regularly hold socials, attend campaigns and run educational events.

Stirling University LGBT+ aim to provide the following for self-defining LGBT+ students and their straight allies:

• Provide support and a safe space

• Promote and represent the views and interests of LGBT+ students

• Hold social and educational events

• Campaign on LGBT+ rights and issues to raise awareness and work with the wider community

• Be fun and inclusive!

These student led societies are free of charge and anyone is welcome to come along.  You can find out more about them here

Feel there’s an equalities society that you would like to start up? You can contact theunion@stir.ac.uk for more information how to!