Candidate for the position of Union President

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Georgia Laverick

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I’m Georgia, a 4th year Psychology student. I am passionate about helping others and making a difference, which is why I want to be the next Union President. Having been involved in societies, the STEER mentor scheme, and student representation, I have many perspectives of the student experience. As a Faculty Officer, I have represented students to improve their experience, and I want to continue doing this for everyone.

Supporting students

Every student should feel supported throughout their studies; however, many students are unaware of the help available to them or unaware of how to access help. To ensure everyone is aware of how to access support, as well as improving the help available, I will:

  • Develop online content where students can find general advice on mental wellbeing and common mental health issues for students and signposting to services.
  • Improve the visibility of help already available in university, such as Stress Control courses.
  • Provide basic training and guidance to tutors on common mental health issues so they are well informed on how and where to signpost students for help.
  • Work with statutory and third sector services to develop a partnership to help students struggling with their mental health.


One of the advantages of university is becoming part of a community. However, inappropriate behaviour can make some feel unsafe. I will work to make all students feel part of a safe and welcoming community, by:

  • Ensuring there are university and union staff trained in Bystander Intervention Training who are able to train students. This will be prioritised for society committee members, Faculty Officers and ALS.
  • Providing online guidance on recognising and safely challenging inappropriate behaviour. 
  • Working with VP Education to coordinate opportunities for students to play a bigger role in learning and teaching, through peer mentoring in modules.


Campus Central is an exciting development, however, building works may cause some disruption to study space. I will work to:

  • Minimise disruption to study space during Campus Central by providing study space away from building works. (in what form will this take?- FB posts)
  • Use screens to show available teaching rooms for study space.
  • Improve the navigability of Cottrell and Pathfoot by using colours to distinguish between different areas.
  • Undertake an accessibility audit of Cottrell/Pathfoot to improve accessibility. to make life easier for disabled students


Whether it’s in halls or private accommodation, living conditions are important. I will work to ensure:

  • There is a service level agreement for residences which states time-frames that issues should be assessed and resolved in.   
  • Work with Shelter Scotland to provide up to date specific guidance for students on their rights and complaint pathways in private and university accommodation.


Transport into and from the university is unreliable when it should be sustainable and meet the needs of students. I will:

  • Work with First Bus to resolve issues such as buses running late, not arriving and being too full. 
  • Improve the visibility and efficiency of the university carshare scheme.