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start a club

So, you want to start a club! We like to keep starting a club as simple as possible so everything you need is included in our Society Starter Pack read on to find out what happens next! 


This is a document which explains the aims of the club and what the committee positions are. Once submitted, it awaits approval by a committee of elected students.

We recommend using the template included in the Society Starter Pack. You'll likely need to edit: Name, Aims and Committee Positions (including a President, Treasurer and Secretary) 

Please email your proposed constitution and Starter Pack to


All clubs require 10 paid members to affiliate with the Students Union, there is a "grace period" of one full semester for new groups to establish themselves. This means paying for a Clubs & Societies Membership, and the set fee for the club itself. The current minimum membership fee is £5, and memberships can be bought online (through the society's webpage)

Find out more about how to join a club on this page here.

committee list

These are the positions tasked with running the club or society. All people in these roles must be elected democratically by vote at a club's general meeting. You can have as many or as few positions as you like, but a club or society must have the core positions of President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Please download and fill out our Committee list form and submit it electronically to


If your club or society owns any equipment or material it will be covered by our insurance policy, provided that the club submits an inventory form by 31st May each year and as any purchases are made throughout the year. Please submit to