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We're dedicated to bringing a great hobby to students by finding the best deals. SUPS is also a place where lifetime friendships are forged and our social events are remembered to be legendary.


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Welcome to all those joining us in September 2018!


Stirling University Paintball Society is run by students as an official Society of the Students' Union and the University of Stirling.


We strive to get the best deal for students on paintballing days out making this hobby much more affordable for students. SUPS isn't just about the paintball though and many of the people in our society meet their long term university friends here, we are probably one of the most social societies in the University and our nights out and social events are legendary!

General information
SUPS organises various events throughout the year whether they be paintball or social events for our society. Our Committee works hard to ensure that everyone has a good time. 

We also hold an annual formal ball once a year called "The Colonel's Ball" where members are decorated with rank and awards. We even appoint an Honorary Colonel each year, traditionally a founder, or someone of outstanding contribution to the Society, who presents the awards and decorations.

Society Colonels include:
Colonel Luke Fenton 2010 - A Society Founder, former Secretary and holder of the now defunct role of Chief Tactical Officer, Former President of the Students' Union (2011-2012) and former President of SUPS.

Colonel Jamie Moore 2011 - Creator and former holder of the role of Social Secretary, current Vice President for Activities & Development of the Students' (2011-2013) and current SUPS member.

Colonel Sean Conlin 2012 - Former SUPS member as well as former committee work.

Colonel Niall Conlan 2013 - Former SUPS member and former Bravo Team Tactical Officer.

Colonel Bryony James 2014 - Former SUPS member and holder of the role of Society Secretary.

Colonel Adam McEwan 2015 - Current SUPS member, as well as Current president and previous holder of the social secretary, Bravo Team Tactical
Officer, and Vice-Presidential roles.

Other Commemorative Ranks:
Field Marshal Luke Fenton 2014 - The highest honourary rank within SUPS that can be awarded only once every 4 years at the mandate of a vote from all previous colonels. Field Marshall Luke Fenton is remembered for his outstanding services to the society.

Brigadeer Alex Frost-Head 2015 - An honourary rank achived by only those who always seem to put the society first. Alex Frost-Head shall always be remembered for his dedication to SUPS.

Lieutenant Karma Kaelyn Walker 2015 - While Karma only served in SUPS for his study abroad year his impact was firmly felt within the society. He will be dearly missed. Lieutenan Karma Kaeyln Walker has been immortalised in our records for services to SUPS.

Lieutenant Bryan Laird 2015 - For the outstanding contribution and service Bryan has done for this society since its foundation, he has been awarded this honourary rank as a token of our gratitude.
Lieutenant Adam Goodier 2016 - For exemplary contribution and engagement with the society in the short time of his work with it.
Lieutenant Ian Eggington 2016 - For working with the society to facilitate it's increased activity and starting the motions towards a better deal for the society.





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