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Stirling University Geography Society (SUGS) is a student run society that aims to unite like-minded people through social and interest events.


  • Geography Student Membership£5.00
  • Geography Non-Student Membership£5.00

About us:

Our society is built upon all students, from 1st year to phD, who have a keen interest in all topics related to geography. The society welcomes all students, not just those studying geography. 

We hope to create and participate in many fundraisers for charities related to geography and the natural environment, as well as getting involved with local organisations to enhance the area.

Aside from this, we also hope to include many social events to build friendships with other students across the year groups.

Wed 22nd September

Geography Society GIAG
22nd September 6pm - 10pm
Meet at Bus Stop Behind Cottrell
Scavenger Hunt around Stirling town
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