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Uni Boob Team Stirling


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We are on a mission for everyone to check their chests and we need YOU! Join us today to help us spread the boob love on campus whilst raising awareness of breast cancer.


Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.

Chests? We all have them. Guys, gals, non-binary pals, we all need to check our chests and know our own bodies. Knowing your body could save your life and it's important that everyone knows what to look out for. 

Uni Boob Team Stirling is infiltrating campus with boob talk and we want to spread the CoppaFeel! message to as many people as we can. Our mission is to raise awareness about breast cancer in young people and to encourage everyone to know their own bodies - early detection saves lives. We LOVE sharing the boob love and we LOVE meeting new people! You don't need any particular skills or knowledge to join, just enthusiasm and support for our wonderful cause! Check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more information on memberships, we would be delighted to have you as part of our boob family! Don't be afraid to message, someone will always be on the other side ready to chat about boobs or any questions you may have. 

We run around campus and town wearing Barbara (our giant boob costume) and spreading the boob love. We raise funds for Coppafeel! throughout the year, but most importantly, we raise awareness of breast cancer! The more boob love we spread, the more potential lives we save. Join us if you want to raise awareness, make some friends and have a great time- don't be shy! 


Get your free monthly text reminder to check your chest by texting " UBTStir " to 70500 


 Two UBT Stirling members at a stall holding up melons and disco balls over their chests.




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