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K-Pop Society Stirling


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  • K-Pop Society Non-Student Membership£5.00
  • K-Pop Society Student Membership£5.00

Hello and welcome to the University of Stirling's first official society all about KPOP! Although still in its early days, the Kpop Society strives to become a beacon of friendship and community amongst both longtime enjoyers and new listeners of Kpop, where all are welcome to proudly share their interests and love of the genre, and even further expand them!

Our current committee members are overly thrilled to meet you and provide you with only the best and most enjoyable events and activities; from music video group watches and discussions, fun 'themed' events/workshops, Kpop quizzes, to group trips to watch concert screenings at the Cinema and beyond! The opportunities are endless and we would be thrilled to hear suggestions from you as well! Altogether, we hope to create a space where everyone can truly thrive and be themselves, find lasting friendships with fellow listeners, and just have a safe space to rejoice in the beauty and joy that is K-pop music and culture!

♥ Stay Groovy ♥


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