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Environmental Enterprise Society. All about a sustainable, healthy and safe future for all beings that inhabit the Earth. From growing our own vegetables to climate change action, we're involved!


  • Environmental Enterprises Non-student Membership£5.00
  • Environmental Enterprises Student Membership£5.00

See the events tab -> for which events are on and our social media for more detail! (Instagram: @stirlingsusee)

(Our weekly meetings are Thursday at 6pm in room C2A11.)

Environmental Enterprises is a society dedicated to everything related to environmentalism - our events include food huddles, talks, workshops, walks, surveys, and much more...

A big part of our society is conservation - we aim at increasing biodiversity on campus (and in town) with projects such as Hedgehog Friendly Campus, wildlife surveys, volunteering, etc. These are great opportunities to gain experience if you wish to secure a job in this field!

Apart from that, we have several working groups to realise projects - these can be about any topic, and you can start your own! Examples include the Stirling Sustainability Guide, Workshop Organising, Forest Garden Creation and Sea-Level Rise Tagging. Meetings for these often take place outside our weekly food huddles.

For community building, we host weekly food huddles, where we originally shared food (vegan or veggie) but now we just meet up and chat because we can't have food due to covid safety. Sometimes we have external speakers at food huddles, so you can gain exciting insights into different fields.

Everyone is welcome to join the society. We want this society to be accessible to everyone, so if you have any needs that we don't meet yet, let us know! We are always looking for constructive criticism.

All our members have an equal say in the society - so if you want to see something happen, feel free to get the ball rolling and you'll have the back of other society members!

Check out our Facebook page and Instagram for events, meetings and environmental tips!

For any queries, message us on Messenger/Facebook or email us on


Tue 21st March

Debate: Is wildlife conservation necessary?
21st March 6:30am - 8am
Should people be the stewards of nature? Can human impacts be seen as part of nature? If so, conserving wildlife would make little sense. So do we actually need it?
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Thu 23rd March

Sustainability Workshop and Potluck
23rd March 6pm - 8pm
We are looking for your input! The Environmental Enterprises Society is putting together a book with recipes made from food that often goes to waste and is also creating a map with sustainable locations in Stirling.
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