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Environmental Enterprise Society. All about a sustainable, healthy and safe future for all beings that inhabit the Earth. From growing our own vegetables to climate change action, we're involved!


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Have you always wondered how to become more sustainable in your day to day life? Would you like to learn more about climate change, clean energy and social equality? Or are you more interested in growing your own veggies and making your own oatmilk? We do it all!

Here at the Environmental Enterprise Society we provide our members with the tools and skills to not only live a more sustainable lifestyle but also carry the philosophy onwards in their future careers, albeit in the Sport Industry, Business, Economics, Social or Natural Sciences. Sustainability seeps into all corners of society and is the only way forward to ensure a safe, healthy and happy world for all. One of the ways in which we inform our members on global sustainability issues is through presentations on these topics during our weekly Food Huddles, we also enjoy screening informative and eye-opening documentaries concerning a variety of topics from Wildife Conservation to the hardships of Climate Refugees.

We strive to make sustainability economically viable and accesible by processing our campus-grown organic fruits and vegetables at our food workshops and selling our healthy products to the students and staff. We offer a variety of workshops including: DIY toothpaste, face masks, bath bombs, seed planters, baking and much more! We also love to take our members outdoors for some walking and hiking while litterpicking! 

Some of the recent projects we have been working on are the Hedgehog Friendly Campus, which is an initiative aiming to protect the local wildlife through university campuses. 
We are also working on several tree plantations, in collaboration with We Are One NGO and TreeLink. Read more about it here: https://suseestirling.wixsite.com/susee/events 

In essence, this student-lead enterprise is a perfect opportunity to develop gardening, marketing and business skills as well as learning more about the solutions that exist to combat the threats our environment faces. We have lots of fun activities planned for this year and we cannot wait for you to join us! 

Check out our Facebook page and Instagram for events, meetings and environmental tips!

For any queries, message us on Messenger/Facebook or email us on suenventerprises@outlook.com.



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