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Zeta Kappa Rho Sorority


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First Scottish sorority, Est. 2014.


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Nos Sumus Fortes Stare”: Together we stand stronger 

Zeta Kappa Rho is the first Scottish sorority which was founded at Stirling University in 2014. This sorority aims to unite people from different backgrounds and provide a safe haven for students as they adjust to university life. 

Zeta Kappa Rho takes inspiration from American sororities. This is reflected in our recruitment process, philanthropy work, and socialization opportunities. With this in mind, we formed a sorority focused on our community and friendship. You will find a place of acceptance, friendship, and support in Zeta Kappa Rho. 

Zeta Kappa Rho’s three key values are: 


  • Friendship

  • Philanthropy 

  • Education



Zeta Kappa Rho provides a supportive and safe space for anyone seeking a sense of sisterhood. Our social coordinator(s) are in charge of planning social events every two weeks for our members to relax during the semester and have the ability to get to know each other more. Previous socials have included a: Murder Mystery Night, Galentine’s Event, City Trips, and more. Zeta Kappa Rho has an informal chat where our current and past members can reach out for advice, plan lunch dates, drinks, or just to send funny memes. Friendships that are made throughout your time at Zeta Kappa Rho will continue beyond university with the help of our Alumni chapter. The Alumni chapter consists of all the members that have previously graduated. 



At the beginning of the Autumn semester the members of Zeta Kappa Rho choose a charity to fundraise and support throughout the academic year. We also encourage members to particpate in five hours of volunteering each academic year. This can be at a place of your choosing but out Philanthropy Officers will have a list of recommendations if you need help. 

This past year Zeta Kappa Rho has done outstanding work within the community. We as a socitey were able to raise £1,632 for Forth Valley Rape Crisis Center and provided educational resources regarding sexual violence to Stirling students in the form of seminars. These seminars included: Supporting Survivors and Looking After Yourself, Responding to Disclourses, and Consent. Each seminar had two slots over the course of three days. Zeta Kappa Rho received recognition from both the community and student union.

Zeta Kappa Rho has also fundrasied for Movember the past year 20/21 and we were able to raise £511. Our members pledged to complete thirty squats a day for thirty days. For an event called, "Work your butts to save those nuts". 


Zeta Kappa Rho provides a supportive network so our membes can excel in their education. We encourage our members to advise and support each other in their studies. This can be through study groups, messaging, or video chats. We will provide a resource to make it easier to find members doing similar classes in order to receive more tailored support. 

Our volunteer scheme can provide the opportunity to gain some experience working in an area suited to you and your future career while also helping the community. Zeta Kappa Rho also encourages our members to work on self develpoment and improving employability skills. Such as teamwork, organization, communication, and time management. Zeta Kappa Rho will provide opportunities throughout the year to support members in developing these skills. 

During the 20/21 Club and Socs Awards, Zeta Kappa Rho recieved honourable mentions in the catergories:

  • Most Innovative Idea (Sexual Violence Seminars)
  • Best CLub Collaboration (Raising funds with other societies for the sexual violence seminars)
  • Club President of the Year (Emma Hackney <3)
  • Club of the Year

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