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Greek System Society


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The Greek System Society is composed of people who would like to improve the student experience for all at the University. This is done through charity work, a close relationship with the Union, and most importantly, by working with other clubs and societies in an attempt to bring the community together. The system contains fraternities and sororities, groups of men and women who work together for a common goal.


Sororities are made up of groups of women who all live by the same ideals, formed by a sisterhood, who commit to each other academically and socially. These women help each other to achieve their potential at and following completion University.

•            Zeta Kappa Rho https://www.facebook.com/ZetaKappaRhoStirling


Fraternities are made up of groups of men who all live by the same principles, formed by a brotherhood, who commit to each other academically and socially. Fraternities are there to support brothers through their academic career and once they leave university.

•            Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity https://www.facebook.com/AlphaSigmaPhiStirling

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