printing & publicity

Being affiliated to the Union allows clubs to enjoy some practical benefits such as free room and stalls booking as well as access to the Union’s printing facilities.

Designing & Printing Facilities

Any affiliated clubs have access to the Union’s printing facilities. We have one computer allocated to sport clubs and clubs & societies, located in the Students Union office. Please enquire at reception for availability. The computer can be used for all club publicity designing and printing. Our printers can accommodate printing up to size A3. If access to these facilities is required for longer than one hour, we ask you to reserve the space by emailing

All Clubs, Societies & Sports teams must include the Union or Sports Union logo on any artwork/posters/flyers they produce. 


Click on any of the images below to download the Marketing Guide and logos.



Right click on the logo below to download a full colour (png) 'Your Student Union' logo with no white background


Try not to put a white boxed logo on a background that isn't already white. Need help? Email Lauren at

If printing in large quantities we strongly encourage you to use Mailboxes, located in Baker Street in Stirling city centre. Please get in touch for pricing.

Mail Boxes Etc
Baker Street, Stirling
01786 449543