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how to join

Great, you want to get involved with one of our clubs or societies! First thing's first, you'll need:

  • A Clubs & Socs Membership
  • Individual Clubs Membership

We welcome non-students to our clubs too! You can buy an 'associate/non-student' membership in the same way. 

clubs & socs membership

What is it?
This membership enables you to join any of the Clubs and Societies in Your Union.

How much is it?
The Clubs & Socs Membership costs £5 and runs from June 1st to May 31st.  

Where do I buy it?
Online by credit/debit card.

Clubs & Society Card
  • Clubs & Socs Student£5.00
  • Clubs & Socs Non-student£5.00

individual clubs memberships

What is it?
This is your membership to an individual Club or Society. You'll need it to participate in any activity beyond a taster or Give it a Go activity.

How much is it?
Membership price varies for each club so please have a look on the current clubs list to find a club you want to join, prices and joining instructions.

The following societes are exempt from any membership fee as they are E, D & I (Equality Diversity & Inclusion) accredited societies: 

Disabled Students Association Stirling 


Women in STEM

Stirling STAR (Student Action for Refugees)

To apply for E, D & I accrediation please complete this google form and your application will be considered by the Communities Zone Executive Committee (CZEC).  

Where do I buy it?
On each individual club's page. Check out the current clubs list


If you have any queries or are unsure of any matters relating to membership please e-mail