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This is the place to find all the documents and resources to help your club or society thrive. If you are unsure of any process, please email your Vice President Communities.

events / booking forms

You can book spaces in the Union facilities (Venue, Studio, Underground) for your club event or meeting or social event.


For all events please complete the Event Planner form

Click here to download the 'How to Plan an Event' guide Click here for the Events Timeline


Remember to complete and submit a risk assessment form for special events outwith regular club activity.




When booking transport for a trip, remember to select 'non-sports club' from the drop down list.


For all trips please complete the
Trip Planner form.



Remember to complete and submit a risk assessment form for any Club trips, domestic & international.



Sponsorship can be a great way raising income and the profile of your club. This is a template form you can use.



Use a Purchase Order form for expenses over £50



You may use an Expenses Claim form for expenses under £50



Your Club can receive a grant of up to £300 awarded by the Communities Zone Executive Committee. Find out more about all of the grants and funding streams which are available to your club and how to apply.


club admin

This form should be completed and returned before 1st April every year as new committee are elected, as well as after any changes.



Before the 1st April each year, any club with equipment should complete and submit an inventory to ensure it is covered by the Union's insurance.






We'll keep you informed of any steps to take, including room/stall bookings and anything else via the Union's social media channels, by email, and via the Club Forum 2022/23 Fecebook Group. The Club Forum is a fantastic resource for you to communicate and gain support from other club committees.

We also recommend adding yourself to the Official Freshers Facebook page where you can promote your club to incoming students. Promoting your club online is more important than ever right now, so check out our guide to see how you can best utilise your club's space on the website, including the Union's Whats On! calendar. Don't forget to tag us @stirlingunion and @stir_communities in any social media activity so we can share this widely for you. 

Lastly, remember to check regularly for new members. Make sure you drop them a line to say thanks for joining and what to do next!


Hiring Instructors/Coaches

If you plan on hiring an instructor to teach during a society meeting, they will need to sign a contract with the Union. Please download the document from the link below.

Instructor Contract

If your instructor is teaching a physical activity, they will also need to provide you with a copy of their liability insurance.

Please send the instructor documents to Activities & Volunteer Coordinator, Jordyn Austin



If you are a member of a club and you are looking to make a purchase/claim, please email Jordyn Austin, copying in your President and Treasurer, with as much information as possible e.g. web links, the reason for purchase, etc. She will check your club's account balance and do this on your behalf using the Union's credit card. 

We discourage making any purchases or bookings yourself and without consulting the Union first. However, if you do have any small claims to make, email Jordyn with your receipt and the account details that you would like the money refunded to, and she will arrange this with our Finance department. Please also copy in Aileen Ferguson in any emails regarding club finances. 



Please note that all university-owned spaces (everything other than Studio, Underground and Venue) are at the discretion of the uni team. While the Union will do what we can to help, we cannot guarantee a space.

Please click the link below to review the university's Student Policy for Campus Space Bookings.

Student Policy for Campus Space Bookings


For atrium stall bookings, please email with a risk assessment, and your request will be forwarded to Stirling Venues who will liaise with you on your request. Note that Stirling Venues requires 3 days' advance notice for these bookings.

Please see the layout plan of Campus Central, as you may require a specific spot as numbered on the plan. (This is subject to availability.) 


As a student, you're able to book various rooms and spaces for study purposes or to accommodate a club or society. Further guidance is available here: Student room booking guidance | About | University of Stirling

Your club President and Secretary have access to the Clubs & Societies option on the Resource Booker (through your canvas page). You can book rooms here from 18:00, Monday to Friday with a minimum of 7 days' notice. For bookings outwith these times, please email Jordyn Austin with the below details (* denotes required fields):

*Your society:

*Recurring or one-time meeting/event:

*Meeting/event date (if recurring, please list first and last meeting dates):

*Start & end time:

*Estimated number of attendees:

Preferred room (and an alternative if first choice is taken): 

Booking External Speakers

There is an 'External Speaker Room Booking for Clubs/Socs' option on the resource booker.

You will need to download the External Speakers Approval Form via the link below and upload it to your booking request. 

All external speaker room bookings must be booked at least 21 days in advance. 

External Speakers Approval Form

Events & Trips

Please liaise with as soon as possible regarding your event or trip. You must also provide a risk assessment and arrange for payments for all aspects of your event in a timely manner. The Students' Union requires as much notice as possible to accommodate your request. 

Most bookings and payments can be made using the Union credit card. You should forward these requests to Aileen Ferguson and Jordyn Austin.

Event/Trip Risk Assessment Form

Get in touch

Your Vice President Communities, Jess Reid will be hosting VP Tea sessions, an informal space to chat and ask questions once the semester starts. Check back here for more details. She'd love to see you there!You can also email her with any questions that you have at

A guide for Presidents, Secretaries,Treasurers and Publicity Officers on website admin and how to make the most of your webpage.



This is the Clubs & Societies Governance document, which is part of the Students' Union Constitution. These are some rules you need to stick so read it carefully!


or on her linktree. You may also contact the Union direct at